YSL Fall 2010 Manicure Couture - The Look for Less

So after quickly trying to create the new YSL manicure in Rive Guache with cheaper nail polishes last week. I thought I would try to re-create my favourite of the YSL Duo nail polishes - Belle de Nuit. For me, these nails would be perfect for Autumn & Winter, very chic looking and almost sultry. 
However just looking at the promotional images I couldn't help but feel intimidated by the manicure - it's just so perfect and faultless and dare I say... a little too photoshopped!

Anyways onto what I used - 

As the main colour was a dark plum colour and I didn't own anything that similar I decided to first apply a black polish as a base coat and then Electric Purple (£2.50) by Marks & Spencers (it's an almost Cadbury's chocolate kind of purple). Applying the black base coat made the purple alot darker than normal and quite similar to the Belle de Nuit Duo. 

For the french tips I was abit undecided on what to use so I firstly tried Golden Sands by George at Asda (£1.50) which I found to be ok however not a bright enough gold and it did take 3 thin coats to become opaque. 
So I decided to create the tips with Marian Newman's Inkredible pen in Gold Leaf. It was slightly runny however alot brighter and a perfect match for the YSL manicure!

Then Voila! 

Ok, I will admit it did take awhile to do because I wanted it to look quite neat and also I painted the french nail tips with just the brush - no french manicure strips or what not. 

However...while on the subject of using the little stick on guideline things - I would suggest in NOT buying them. From experience the paper is too thick which creates this noticeable line when you remove the stickers. Also you never get enough stickers in a pack and so yes - they arent' worth it. 

But what is worth going into a stationary shop for or Ebay is Binder Reinforcement rings or stickers..basically they come in a little box of  200 - 300 stickers and look like mini polo mints in shape and cost about £2 so a total bargain!

They are paper thin...

so once you have painted the golden tip on and waited till it's fully dried. You remove the little sticker and you aren't left with that thick obvious line. 

They can be abit tricky to find in stationary shops (because who really needs to reinforce hole punched holes!) so your best bet is to look on Ebay. However if you still haven't got a clue what your looking for or you want to see if they work. 

I will do a tutorial type post on the YSL manicure maybe in Y-Cone, which is a nude polish on the nail and a while tip - a very classic manicure. Or Rive Gauche which is the Fuchsia nail and Orange tip (If you would prefer to see either one just let me know in the comments and that's the tutorial I will do). 
So instead of painting the tips on by hand I will use the reinforcement ring stickers as a guide to show you all the results! 

Again, sorry for such a rambly post, I'm feeling as if my blog posts are lacking in quality at the moment. Mainly due to being so busy packing and sorting out moving house and also I haven't been able to read as many blogs as I'd like so I'm feeling abit un-inspired! 

I hope you'll all hang in there with me and bear with my rubbishy posts!


  1. i love this look! i'll have to try it sometime... on a completely uneventful day coz i can just sense how long this will take me! it doesn't pay to be a klutz :p

    also, your posts aren't rubbish at all! i understand you may be a bit uninspired but you have good reason. hope moving house/painting is going well!


  2. Love how your nails look with this look.

  3. the nail posts are really amazing fee, I don't your posts are lacking in quality.
    I love this blog because I can nfind almost everything in here and it's never boring.
    and youìre so smart in finidng always dupes for expansive nail polish or accessories :))
    I love the fichsia and orange manicure but I've got to find an orange nail polish!
    thank you for this amazing post...

  4. It's all good. I have 2 YSL polishes and they are superb quality. I could do this with Black Tulip. I know what you mean about the guides. I am pretty sure if I have some hole-reinforcers somewhere...

  5. I love this look!
    The colors are beautiful ***
    i'll have to try it ;)


  6. You did a great job! I am going to try this in a couple of more weeks for the beginning of fall!

  7. Looks gorgeous be defo be tryin this out on my own nails..and the bright pink and orange sounds fantastic...goood job xx

  8. Looks gorgeous wish I was good with nails to do this :') xx

  9. I shall call you Creative Fee :]

  10. I love this mani - nail tutorials are among my favourite things to read about on blogs.


  11. What a perfect idea with the reinforcement stickers!! Why didn't I come up with this ;) *lol???!!!

    Greetings from Germany,

  12. This looks great Fee! The gold is a particularly stunning replication of the YSL look. Great job.
    Jane x

  13. i just did this and went to the shop and got asked where i had it done! i used the cheaper miss sporty purple which is a cadbury type colour and the gold miss sporty with the wider brush so happy with it keep them coming x

  14. this is so amazing!! you know i really dont think theres much difference between your pictures and ysl! if anything yours are better!
    i will certainly be trying this!


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