July Favourites

For someone who was wondering how they were going to do there monthly favourites, I have surprised myself!
I seem to of purchased quite afew nice products throughout the month without even noticing yet using them almost daily.

M&S Velvet Soft Mono Eyeshadow in Soft Khaki (£2.50 Marks & Spencer) - The M&S makeup range is pretty unspoken about except for there nail polishes however the same range does some lovely eyeshadows in 12 different shades. I especially love the soft smokey shades, especially Bamboo, Soft Teal and Soft Khaki being my favourite. It is a very military/moss green shade with a shimmer of gold to it when it catches the light. It works really well with a damp brush for a more pigmented eyeshadow and looks a more higher end eyeshadow than it's £2.50 price tag.

NYX Chrome Eyeshadow in Oro (£2.99 Fragrance Direct) - To be honest I love all of the shades in the Chrome and Pearl eyeshadow ranges however I have been using Oro the most this month. Either all over the lid applied with a damp brush or over other eyeshadow as it's quite shimmery so it's really enhances alot of smokey eyeshadows.
It does require a good eye primer though or it will crease throughout the day, but other than that it's such a lovely shade and looks great when blended or kept really pigmented!

Bourjois Vintage Blusher in Lilas D'or 33 (£6.85 Asos) - This is such a lovely rosy blush that really gives a little lift to the face. I sometimes think the Bourjois blushs are some of my favourite blushers - the shades seem to suit all skin tones and blend really well. 
I also have to admit I love the rose scent to the blush!  

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Nutmeg (£5.99 Burt's Bees online) see above - This is one on the most perfect tinted lipbalms I have found without a doubt. It's so creamy and hydrating on the lips, it's also 100% natural and contains peppermint oil so has a minty taste. It's also such a lovely shade that needed swatching as I just couldn't explain the shade - but as you can see it has quite a shimmer to it but is still quite soft looking. I know this will be used daily once the weather starts to get that bit colder.

Bobbi Brown Travel Brushes - (Part of set Selfridges) eye shader, eye brow, eye contour - I have been after some good quality travel brushes for ages now however there just seem to be lots of cheap mini brushes on the high street. The reason why I wanted some travel brushes wasn't even for traveling with. It is actually because I am short sighted, so when I'm wearing contact lenses applying makeup is fine however when I'm just wearing glasses using a long handled brush to apply eye makeup I can't see my own face as the mirror is too far away and the brush gets in the way! However shorter brushes sorts out the problem. So these are perfect and also great for when I am going on holiday. I especially love the eye shader and eye brow brush, however the eye contour brush is just too large for my eye so I actually use this to apply highlighter onto the tops on the cheekbones and then blend it out with a powder blush.

Paul & Joe Blotting Paper (£3.50 Asos) - Really prefer these to the ones that you can buy in maybe Boots or Superdrug that seem to be covered in translucent powder. Even though they do remove excess sebum/oil on the T-zone they also cover the area in powder and after using afew throughout the day it can look abit heavy!  Not what you want. 
However these are just for blotting oil away and removing the shine. No powder just traditional blotting papers that work and come with pretty packaging. Simple.

24 hour Naked Coco de Mer Body Butter 300ml (£4.80 Boots) - This truly is a lovely body butter, it literally smells amazing. It soaks into the skin perfectly and it's not greasy or sticky. I've been using this after showering on my feet and knees and also before tanning as it is a rich body butter that really works on dry skin. 
I would even say that it gives The Body Shop Body Butter's a run for there money! 
There are so many products that I love from the Naked range including this one so I'm thinking of writing a post on the whole range with mini reviews on alot of there products.

Space NK Tuberoli 15ml (£18.00 Space NK) -This is maybe one of those love to hate products. I absolutely love the scent of Tuberoli, it's such a feminine romantic fragrance. However I'm not in love with the price. I have only had it for a month and already I'm half way through the bottle. Though there is a bigger 50ml version for £35.00 which is slightly better value for money. But still I do feel it is over priced. Amazing scent though!

D&G La Lune 20ml (Part of set of 5 for £30.00 Debenhams) - Another fragrance I have been wearing all month which I won't even attempt to describe as I can't even put my finger on the main notes. It's just a lovely fresh perfume as is the whole D&G set. Really good value for money. 

So they are all my favourite products for the month of July. I would love to know what you having been loving! 


  1. I totally agree about Bourjois blushes, I've been repurchasing Rose D'Or for years now, it's so pretty! I'll have to take a look at the M&S eyeshadows next time I'm in there, I've never looked at them before as I think I just assumed they'd be crap. x

  2. ive always wanted to try bb brushes

    still have to do my july favs

  3. I love Bourjois's packaging even though its just a sticker, I find myself drawn to them!

  4. I got a 50ml bottle of the spacenk scent for £5 back in January. They sell all the slightly bashed up christmas gift sets (the box I got had been ripped but the product was unopened) with massive reductions, so if you want another one it might be best to hold on until january. It's such a lovely fragrance, but I agree it's certainly a tad overpriced.


  5. I loooove the smell of Bourjois blushers! x

  6. I love the blush of bourjois =)
    The others products I don't try yet.

  7. great picks!
    I'm dying to try bourjois!


  8. Great read. Interested to see your thoughts on BB lip shimmer, I have Nutmeg, Fig and Watermelon and find them just a bit too pigmented for me, but suprisingly moisturising and no irritating for something which smells so strongly of peppermint.

  9. Those brushes look really nice! I LOVE burts bees lip products!

  10. i've been so intrigued with the bourjois blushes ever since i saw your post about the vintage packaging. they really do look lovely.

    in other news, i have the d&g perfume in 3 l'imperatrice. so pretty!

    great faves! i'll have to try the burt's bees lip balm. i'm always on the lookout for a good one :)


  11. I have never tried any of the above products!

    I love your posts but you only add more and more to my "to get" list!!

    hehe thanks for sharing :)

  12. @TheBeautyBite - Thanks for much for the tip, I think I will now hold on till the January sales.
    I actually saw a Tuberoli set before I'd smelt it with two little body lotions for only £8 and it was all nasty! But like you say unopened and I didn't get it!
    But will have to make it last till then.

    Fee x

  13. That M&S Khaki eyeshadow looks lovely! I'm with you about the smell of the Bourjois blushers. It's such a nice scent. You've reminded me that I have a Burt's Bees lipbalm that's disappeared since the move. I must hunt it down! x

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