UK Magazine Freebies for August

The September issues are here - full of lovely new Autumn trends and is featured in one of them! 

Company magazine to be precise...well I hope it is as it's not out yet so I haven't checked! 
However there should be a little interview about my blog and what got me into blogging etc
 So if you follow me you HAVE to get it!! :) even if it's just for the wonderful *cough* double ended mascara! 

Anyways it's out Saturday 7th August so you have no excuses...however I'm sure I may blog about it! 

As for other Magazine gifts...there really isn't much this month. 

Marie Claire magazine which is out now comes with a choice of 5 designer tote bags. Which make good fold up bags instead of having to buying plastic bags in shops! Also handy for wet umbrella's! 


However there is atleast one nice beauty gift which comes with Instyle. 

The September issue comes with a Free Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain in either 
Rose Pink or Bronze Glimmer which is normally £9.50 from The Body Shop! 

As per usual if I come across any other magazine freebies throughout the month I will update this post and tweet with the updated link. 



  1. i wish we had freebies in magazines in germany too

  2. Ohh well done for getting in Company, il definately try and pick it up! :) xx

  3. Oh no! I'm going to be buying so many magazines this month!!! I always buy Nylon, I want Elle now because of the pretty Emily Blunt editorial, I need to get Company because you're in it and I want one of those Marie Claire bags!

    Thank god I'm an editorial consultant, I use my magazine back catalogue for research and I can use buying so many September issues as a research excuse!

  4. I love this post you do every month, I just have to stop myself from buying so many magazines! Congrats on getting in Company, i'll have to pick up a copy and have a look :)

  5. Congratulations on your Company interview - that's so exciting!

    Just wanted to say, I've received the It Stick, so thank you very much :)

  6. I've just picked up Marie Claire with the PPQ bag. Congratulations on being in Company!

  7. Well done on your interview with Company magazine. I will def be picking it up! x

  8. you guys get such great giveaways!

    the only giveaways i've seen here in vancouver is a "mini magazine."

    i mean, come on!


  9. Why don't we have such great freebies here in Canada? That's not fair LOL.

  10. :O Company was already out in my local W H Smith this afternoon! It did seem to be bulging within the plastic though I didn't have a proper look.
    I've got the Instyle one and I'm really pleased with it so far (I got the Rose Pink one.

    Florrie x

  11. Congrats with getting into Company magazine, that's so cool :)
    I tagged you for something on my blog btw! :) x

  12. I'm looking forward to getting Company magazine and showing anybody and everybody your picture and telling them that I know you ;). Not so sure about the Erotic Fiction though....

    I will definitely pick up InStyle. I always like their features and the lip & cheek stain will be an added bonus. Hopefully it will distract me from the choppy Irish Sea on Sunday too!
    Jane x

  13. I literally JUST read Company magazine last night and saw you were in it. It was so amazing to think 'I know her'! haha. Well done lovely, it was a great article!


  14. what I was looking for, thanks

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