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It's not very often that I have alot of products by the same brand however I seem to have accumulated alot of Naked Products over the past year, that I now continuously re-purchase. 
 So I thought instead of mentioning them here and there in different posts it would be a better to write a specific post on all the Naked products I own, so it's more of a reference point than a post if you are thinking of purchasing anything in the Naked range. 

First of all I should mention that I buy all my naked products from Boots in store and online. However Naked do have a brand new website - Naked Body Care that has the full product range. 

If you had read any previous posts you may know that I am quite into natural products that contain no nasty ingredients especially when it comes to hair and skincare products. I really do believe that if you want healthy looking hair and skin that cutting out Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a must however I have spoken more about that in a separate post. So this is why I use so many products by Naked as I trust the ingredients and the products do work. I do ofocourse use other brands - I swear by Sebamed soap for oily or combination skin and Melvita for really natural gorgeous products. 

Anyways onto the Naked Products...

Coco de mer Body Butter 300ml £4.99 -  I briefly mentioned this is my July favourites post only afew days ago. However it does really deserve a full review. As I mentioned in the post it's the beautiful scent that really makes this products (and I am really not one for describing products in such a way) but this really has a heavenly smell to it. Almost sexy & sultry when you apply it too the skin. I find the body butter works perfectly just after showering or bathing. I mainly apply this to drier areas of my body like my knees and feet however I've found applying it to my upper arms really hydrates the skin and leaves it really soft. 
Also this products lasts for ages as the 300ml pot is really large and you only need a little on the tips of the fingers as it seems to melt and covers a large area. 
I would highly recommend this if your wanting a real luxury feel when moisturizing that feels  expensive when using the butter.

Starflower Hand & Body Lotion 250ml £3.99 - This is one of the harder products to describe really as it does have a strange scent if you haven't smelt Starflower before. However I can only explain is as something that is surprisingly fresh and almost zingy. It's sounding strange but it's worth having a quick sniff off before purchasing! 
As for the product itself it's quite a light body lotion that applies with a while covering but is absorbed really quickly so no greasy feeling. I also find that the pump really does make me use the product alot more than I would with a normal moisturiser as there's no fuss really. 
As for the product being a hand lotion - well I guess all body lotions could say the same really. So yes it does work as a hand cream but it doesn't work miracles if your hands need some TLC. 
All in all a good product with a lovely fresh scent that's encouraging to use.

Extra shiny Finishing Serum 50ml £4.99 - This is perfect is you want really polished styled hair or you don't want to look frizzy! I use this mainly after using my conical wand to separate the curls and so they don't become a mass of frizz throughout the day. 
I also find this is great for them annoying split ends on top of the head especially when the hair is up, it really flattens them down without making the hair look or feel greasy!
It also surprisingly smells really good for a styling product - alot like the Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner.

Coco de mer Bath Foam 300ml £3.99 - As you can see I own the full range of Coco de mer products basically because the scent is so lovely. Much like the body butter this has a really rich luxury scent to it. 
Something that is important to mention is the foam factor as it is SLS free - it foams like an normal to average bath product however don't expect fountains of foam! This really does have a silky feel to it and is just so relaxing. If you love relaxing in the bath this is a must!

Silky Shampoo for straight/longer hair 250ml £3.99 - I think I was enticed by the mention of marshmallow in this product which I can't say it's anything like but the scent is nice. 
Out of the full shampoo range this does lather up quite well without using too much of the product. Also I have noticed it leaves the hair less tangled before conditioning than any other products. 
If you are looking into trying out a SLS free shampoo I would highly recommend this product and the Naked Colour Protection shampoo which seems to lathers the most out of the full range. 

Coco de mer Body Wash  250ml £3.99 - I would say this lathers amazingly well for being SLS free especially with a shower puff. Again like the other coco de mer products it has the same lovely almost sexy scent. Something that it definitely feminine and leaves the bathroom smelling lovely. It also leaves the skin feeling silky and never irritates.

White Ginger Body Wash 250ml £3.99 -  This is much more of a unisex product and something that my boyfriend happily uses and he does suffer from Psoriasis. I wouldn't really describe it as zingy though more a unique smell that's quite oriental. 
If you are looking for something that bit different this would be great however I am not sure if I can get use to the scent. But again lathers up well and leaves the skin clean and soft.

Deep Cleanse Shampoo 250ml £3.99 - I feel this is a product that could be misused in a way, which is what I initially did. If you have normal hair that you don't use too many products on this probably isn't the shampoo for you as it will leave the hair too clean and maybe strip the essential oils from the hair. However if you are constantly using hair gel or mousse on the hair this would be a perfect for removing all the product build up. 
I use this only when I have been using alot of hair spray in my hair (which isn't very often I must admit) and it really removes all traces of the hair spray and all the grime. 
A  really good deep cleansing shampoo for only product heavy hair! 
Nourishing Vitamins Hair Treatment 20ml sachet £1.29 - I constantly purchase these sachets to use as a deep conditioner on the ends of my hair and it really does seem to keep split ends at bay (while also using Aussie 3 minute miracle along side this) The sachet seems to last two treatments even with long hair and really does smell great. I am tempted to purchase the huge 400ml pot of this however I keep thinking it's actually maybe too big and also £8.00 is quite alot compared to a £1.29 sachet. I am sure I will eventually purchased the large pot though and start using this every time I wash my hair as it does keep my hair in good condition. Works amazingly well if you keep it on for 4-5 minutes and then comb through and wash out  - literally no tangles even with the longest of hair and so soft. 


The products I am yet to try but really want to get my hands on is the Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash and the Rose Softening Face Wash as 90% of most facial cleansing products contain SLS as the products foam up. These ofcourse are SLS free which is perfect for sensitive skin and just being gentle. 
However I just cannot find the products in store or even online at Boots. As Boots deliver free to your local store, I don't really want to pay delivery costs on the Naked Bodycare website. 
So I am still yet to find either of the products...but I am thinking a large Boots store will stock these. 
Also the Rice Shower Scrub looks lovely for a natural shower exfoliator. 

Hopefully this has given a good overview of the full range of Naked products and again slightly encouraged anyone that is thinking of removing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate from there routine. It really is this easy and you really don't need to compromise on quality!



  1. Great post!
    That makes me want to try it all... I always mean to have a look at that range but always seem to forget. Next time I'm in the UK I will go into Boots and have a good look.
    I'm going to read your article about SLS now...


  2. these all sound great, i kno my sister uses a conditioner from this range and she loves it so going to go have a look this weekend at boots! xx

  3. Fab post, I really want to try some of these :) xxx

  4. Hey sweetie,

    Fab post

    Just wondering, do you think the Deep Cleanse Shampoo would be good for someone who suffers from really greasy hair? .. My sister has a nightmare with her hair and has to wash it every day to cope with the greasyness of it.. We're constantly on the look out for a shampoo which will work wonders with her hair?


  5. I think, but not 100% sure, that the face washes are online exclusives only. They are lovely though, I'd never be without mine now.

    Lovely post! Love Naked! xo

  6. These sound great!
    I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you for the versatile blogger award.

  7. @Laura -

    You know I was wondering that with the shampoo. As on normal hair is can be really drying so I'm guessing it could work great on greasy hair!
    IT really is worth a try and it really isn't like a normal shampoo.

    Fee x

  8. this sounds so wonderful!

    i've been very into natural products lately and can't wait to try these out! hopefully they'll be available in canada soon.

    great reviews, fee!


  9. This is a lovely overview of the range. I really like the sound of the Rose face wash that you haven't been able to get. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for that.
    Jane x

  10. I'm a fan of this range have reviewed it before too:

    The inty menthol body wash is great for waking you up in the morning and I've since used the Naked Rescue shampoo which smells gorgeous and really helped my hair out of some bad times! :)

    My only teeny criticism is the price... Just can't really afford to be spending £4 on 250ml of shampoo too regularly sadly. xx

  11. Clearly that should have said minty not inty... :S x

  12. Great review and I am sold, will be beating a path to Boots to pick up some of the coco de mer body wash as it sounds lovely. Have spent loads on Paul Mitchell shampoos over the years because they are SLS free and hadn't realised there might be a less expensive alternative so will be checking those out too - thank you!

  13. I am looking for a sls free shower gel for my dad who has psoriasis and noticed you said your BF uses it, has it helped his psoriasis?

  14. @Anonymous -

    Thanks for the comment...I wouldn't say it's cleared it up, as psoriasis is just so hard to get rid of, which I'm sure you know. But it really is alot more calming than using normal shower gel!

    It really is worth a try.

    Fee x

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