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In the world that we live in I have learnt that free never actually means free. 
We live in a world where companies such as Next & Habitat think it is normal to charge there customers for a catalogue of there products & for your NHS Dental check-up to cost you £28.

So in our very non-free world I thought I would highlight come companies that are offering something free without any strings attached! Yes, they are promoting there products but along side this there are good articles and interviews and no customer can turn there nose up at that! 

Space NK - 31 pages 
Online PDF version - here
Request an offline magazine - here

N.Vision is obviously very new as this is the first issue and also there Summer 010 issue. Which is why I thought I would talk about it. The magazine is free (just fill out your details on the request page) and it will be sent to you free of charge. However on the front cover it does state that it is £ if that was the case I would say it is definitely over priced. I was actually in Space NK the other week and there was no sign of the magazines...however they may be £2 in various stores if you are shopping in-store. I just don't know. But I do know it's free if you order it online. As for the content, it is ofcourse showcasing the products that Space NK stock, however there is a nice interview with Terry De GunzBerg the Make-up Artist and founder of By Terry. Along with lots of tips on how to prepare the body, skin and hair for summer. 
The magazine doesn't feel cheap and is only A5 in size so handy for sticking in the handbag! 
I'm definitely looking forward to the Winter issue.  

 Asos - 90 pages
Online version - here
Free to regular customers or £1.75 (...or free if you view it online)

Again the pricing of the magazine just confuses me..if you aren't a regular ASOS customer I'm sure you would just read it online..but if you did want to pay £1.75 for the magazine there is nowhere on the website to buy it from and believe me I have looked. 
It is worth pointing out that the online version is only available until the end of the month and then the next issue comes out..there is nowhere to read back copies of this. 
The main bulk of the magazine is fashion with dotted pages of beauty here and there. With the August issue there is a lovely 4-page interview with Nicola Richie and a spread with the very beautiful Olivia Palermo
The Beauty section is more towards the back of the magazine and a little thin however is always on trend and upto date, looking at different trends. There is also afew product reviews and a page of new beauty products to ASOS. 

Overall this is one of the best free magazines that there is..very polished and makes for good reading every month. If you don't get this monthly through your door I highly recommend you looking at the online copy. 

Boots - 98 pages
£1 or Free to Advantage Card Holders 

This is basically a free magazine as having a Boots Advantage Card is free..however you do need to make sure that you have the card on you so that the magazine is free! 
This is a packed magazine that has various topics - mainly beauty and health topics hence the title! 
The health articles are slightly boring...I mean who wants to read about maintaining a healthy tum while on holiday or read about which plasters are best to use! However there are some good articles on hair and alot of beauty product reviews. It's also a good reference guide to how much certain products are and what new ranges have come out. 
Overall this reminds me of the free Tesco magazine very family friendly and perfect for mums! Having said that is also caters for the makeup lovers and even includes an interview with Jessica Alba on health and Beauty. It also has a page of offers at the back of the magazine that are can be scanned at the till for more advantage point on certain items!

Another great free magazine that is worth picking up if your out shopping.  

Superdrug - 50 pages

July/August Online PDF version - here 
May/June Online version - here
Free in-store 

 This is definitely the poorest of all the free magazines and definitely not a Beauty Bible...with not many articles but lots of products . It does has a Splurge vs Steal page and afew reviews on different bronzers. 
On the whole it is more catered for the teen market and doesn't have a whole lot to read. But then again it is free! 
Worth picking up if your ummm bored maybe?

 Hopefully you have found this somewhat informative! If you are interesting in other online Beauty Magazines you can also read my top five here.



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  2. i love these kind of mags, they give you such good ideas...and all for free :0)
    Good times indeed
    Angela xoxo

  3. Great post - I devour anything beauty and if it is free all the better. Thankyou for this

  4. Thanks so much for letting me know about the Space NK one, I LOVE it in there!!!

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  6. I have thought so many times of entering the blogging world as I love reading them. I think I finally have the courage to give it a try. Thank you so much for all of the ideas!

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