NOTD - Barry M Limited Edition Nail Polish

Thought I would do a simple Nail of the Day with the new Limited Edition nail polish from Barry M. The nail polish is priced at £2.95 like all the other Nail Paints or it's free when you spend £6 or more on any Barry M products.

The Limited Edition Pink Nail Paint really seems to fit in nicely with the ice cream shades that Barry M brought out afew months ago. It's quite a creamy dark lilac pink that goes on really well and is nearly opaque with only one coat.

It is also really shiny compared to afew other creamy shades by Barry M. 

So as this is a Limited Edition I doubt it will be around for long or stock will become quite low - there where only afew left when I purchasing this the other day! 

On a slightly different note - my nails, well my cuticles in general are looking abit neglected as you can see from my thumb. 
This is due to painting for the last three weekends then removing the paint from my hands with turps/white spirits which is a strong solvent that is so drying to the skin. 
I have been using the lovely Melvita Intensive Hand Cream to hydrate my hands abit however my cuticles are still looking abit sorry for themselves! 
Other than cuticle oil which I have been using I have run out of I would love if anyone has any suggestions on what to use! 


  1. Thanks for this i wondered what this colour looked like on its really pretty. I swear by creative solar oil for your cuticles have you tried it ?

  2. Er, olive oil and sugar mixture. Then use a pumice stone to free the exfoliated skin. Honestly. It does work.

  3. U need a cuticle cream and a cutical remover to get rid of all the bad bits.If u cant find a remover,soak ur hands in warm water for ten min or so and remove excess cuticle with a hoof stick.Then apply ur cream,If u cant find a cream,a good hand and nail one will do.Keep using ur oil,massage it in every day.Without coming across sounding rude,dnt do the sugar thing,it will scratch and damage ur nail bed.

    U can tell im a nail tech LOL,it may take a week or so,but it will get there.

    Hope this helps.xx

  4. Really nice colour! I use a cuticle remover cream and it works wonders without having to push them back and then I apply my cuticle cream. x

  5. Damn I knew I should have picked this up yesterday!

    I tagged you for an award over on my blog, if you want to pop over and check it out :)

  6. For really hard cuticles I have a little cuticle cutter tool. Its basically a really safe little blade that's designed only to take off dead skin.

  7. Looks like a candy to me, so pretty.:D

    I suggest checking out a beauty supply store and ask for that cuticle cutter. They should also have that orangey pink liquid that would help soften up your cuticles.

    I hope that kinda helped.:D
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  8. oh, love this colour! i haven't seen anything like it yet. kind of like a purpley pink? i'll have to troll the drugstores to see if i can find a dupe!


  9. i can't believe i've never purchased a nail paint before! may have to check it out!
    oh and i love the background :)

  10. I keep seeing this colour in boots and I was undecided about it, now I may think again and get it lol just wanted to ask a question though, what top coat do you use? I'm trying to find a good shiny top coat but can't think of any, I've tried barry m's and I'm considering the opi one, hmm!

  11. @Redberrie7 - I wish I could name a good top coat thats in the UK...but I actually use one that you can only get in Australia!..I don't even know the brand as there is no writing on it just a golden crown.
    But I am sure OPI do great ones or even Sally Hansen.

    Fee x

  12. @BeautyandtheBlog - Thanks so much for the tips - will definately follow your instructions as I cannot stand having rubbish cuticles.

    Also thanks to everyone else for the advice!
    I think stopping painting & using turps also may help!

    Fee x

  13. Think I'll check them both out! Thanx :)


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