Round-up of Beauty Twitpic's - August 1.1

Okay I will admit this is abit..ok alot of a stolen idea from Fashion Foie Gras . I love reading/looking at her Twitpics from the Front Row Fashion Gang weekly posts...which is basically a round up of twitpics from different fashion tweeters! So I thought I would do my own weekly posts but more beauty related...however the credit is really all hers! 

Above image -  @WAHNAILS

~ Photo: Swarovski and Mary Katrantzou

~ Fell in love with this sheer,multicoloured sequin dress...

~ @AngelAlessandra bleached eyebrows!

~ How cool are these bejewled bottles of Vaseline? I die! Is that sad?

 ~ Oh, that dangerous velvet.....! ?????

So what do you think! Would you like to see this as a weekly feature?

Answers on a postcard please...or even in the comments below will do! x


  1. I think it's a great idea for a weekly feature. Hmmm I can't think why velvet would be dangerous? I hope I haven't got any in the house! xx

  2. Love those nails!
    The Vaseline tubs are really quirky!

  3. Great idea. I would love for you to do this every week :)

  4. i think this would be a great thing to do every week! :)
    i love reading your blogs!
    and the vaseline tubs are amazing! :P


  5. I love those nails...

    And the Vaseline pots are certainly interesting!!

  6. ya please do this every week!

  7. What fun pictures! I definitely love anything with a little bit of bling to it!



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