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I was going to do a weekend post but seeing as I haven't posted that much this week I decided to do one of my favourite types of post instead. 
I always find it good to reflect on the good and not so good things in life! 

Avene Soothing Moisture Mask - Last week I was feeling slightly down and decided to treat myself to something nice while in Boots and then I found this in the Clearance section (which I would of considered buying at full price) for only £2.80 from £10.80! This product has truly been my best friend for the past 5 days while I've had a cold - From blowing my nose and being generally yucky my skin has been feeling really dehydrated especially around the center of my face. So I've been using this every other day at night before bed and it has been the most relaxing cooling thing. It basically looks and feels like a cream cleanser, which you apply to the face and leave for 10-15 minutes. Within this time the skin seems to just soak up the mask and very little of the cream mask is left on the skin. Your then meant to remove this with a cotton pad...however I prefer to remove this with either a natural sponge or muslin cloth. 

It really has done wonders for the dry skin around my nose/chin and has left my skin feeling alot healthier. 

Decorating -  I still haven't moved into my new house as things are taking abit longer than expected however we are finally getting past the just painting part and so now I can start to think about ordering wallpaper and making a lovely statement headboard!
I'm also going to get really organised with storage for clothes and makeup - even thinking of putting all my summer clothes always in the loft once Autumn comes. That is how organized I will be, well hope I will be!  


Batiste Dry Shampoo - Okay, this isn't really an 'out'. More of a 'not really sure' You see I do actually like using dry shampoo, it has a purpose and it works! But my gripe with it is that is runs out so fast! 
This may be due to having alot of hair or using too much of it in one go...I just don't know. But it doesn't last for more than 3 weeks and the mini travel version literally lasts a week! 
So I am thinking the non-aerosol Nude Shampoo by Batiste may be worth a thinking being that is will have less air in the product and therefore more product. Yes? 
Well I'm hoping so! 
If you have tried the Nude Shampoo I would love to know how well it works and how long it lasts.

Lush Toner Tabs - Other than the Breath of Fresh Air toner Lush doesn't rate that highly with me mainly as it's such a huge corporate company that tries to have this homemade natural feel and you just have to read the ingredients in some of there products to know that this isn't the case. That aside I do want to like Lush as alot of there products make lovely gifts and they do alot of fun products. So after trying out the Emotibomb and being hugely disappointed I thought I would try something that was more along the lines of a toner and like I say the Breath of Fresh Air Toner is one of my favourite toners that I use daily. 
I decided to buy three as they are only 75p each - A Token To The Forest Gods, Q10 and Vit C Toner Tabs.
The idea is you basically drop one of these into hot water (in the sink) and the toner tab will release it's ingredients and aroma while you steam your face.
I steam my face of a weekly basis already and really could not tell a difference..yes it smelt nice for afew seconds but as for how my skin felt afterward there was zero change. 
Something I find alot more affective is to splash my face with cold water after steaming my face then apply toner. 
Just another useless product from Lush! 

Other Out's...

The weather.
Currently having a cold...
But I am hoping this will mean I don't have a cold all Winter now! (A girl can wish, right?)
The Postman (I doubt I need to explain this one) - A continuous 'out'.
Oh and the new Lady Gage song - Alejandro...The song is good..but the video is just TOO weird!

Seeing as I love doing In & Out's so much feel free to leave a link if you have wrote one or just tell me your In's and Out's of the month so far! 



  1. I see good old Royal Fail is on your list...the postman's on mine too-we've been getting parcels for a woman who lives around 2 miles away! Such a hassle! Also, there is no 'complaints' section on their site.

    I've found a good tip for lessening the effect that constant nose-blowing has on your skin is to sort-of lube up your nose with the cream of your choice before blowing-it means less friction from the tissue!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Your right about the dry shampoos - they run out so quickly!
    I'm attempting to get organised while I'm decorating my room, you should do a post on it :)

  3. Sorry about the cold - they seem to hang around longer in summer.
    2nd what Julia M says about some sort of lube. As for dry shampoos - they slightly scare me so I press to hard and fast and end up with powdery residue!

  4. ah i went to boots to look at the new nude batiste, i was a bit shocked as all it is is unfragranced talcum powder, id love to know what people think of it though! x

  5. i'm actually using breath of fresh air/tee tree water and i really can't say either is making a difference in my skin! i'm on the lookout for a new toner right now.

    hope you feel better soon, fee!


  6. I absolutely adore Avene cosmetics and that mask has been my HG for ages. Simply the best!

  7. i got that toner tablet at home, waiting to try out. just wondering, apparently the sales lady told me that you can store the toner water up after you steamed your face as a toner up to a week, have you try that before??

  8. I enjoy reading in's and out's too - here is my first contribution!


  9. always wanted to try avene products

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  11. I have the Avene Body lotion. It's the only lotion that really works well for me especially when I travel to cold climates. Love it! :)

  12. I will for sure try this moisturizer as it gives you a good feeling when you have a runny nose. Such reviews should be appreciated as they help out many people. I am searching for a Phd research article writer for publication, but I haven't found any review on Ph.D. researchers. In my opinion, everyone should get engaged with such media platforms.


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