NOTD - Barry M Bright Red

So I thought I would do another Barry M nail of the day as I'm really loving the consistency and shades of there nail polish at the moment. 
However I never love the naming of the products - I mean how long did it take for them to come up with 'Bright Red'? All of a minute I am thinking.

They could atleast try to be slightly creative with the naming of there products.

This is such a great colour - a kind of updated version of the classic red nail and more wearable for daytime. It is also really shiny & lasts quite afew days before chipping...however be warned once chipped it does looks tacky & cheap! 

As I liked it so much I thought it would look good with a little something extra...

...oh how wrong I was. Red nails are simple & chic. What I did to them was tacky and very Christmas like!

I decided to quickly add a red glitter nail polish also by Barry M...and would you believe it's called Red Glitter. What can I say...Barry is one creative man.
Anyways it basically looks terrible and could only be worn on Christmas Day along with a snowflake jumper! 

So I will not be wearing this any time soon. However I will definitely be painting my nails red more often after getting this shade & it has also inspired me to try out afew other red nail polishes. 

Can anyone suggest any other good strong Red's to try out? 



  1. I wore red a couple of days ago and loved it. I'll suggest China Glaze Red Stallion. I haven't worn it yet but it looks good.

  2. ah i layer the glitter all over the red, not so much glitter is required meaning easier removal! xx

  3. Oooh, I love Barry M's polishes...always bright and cheery! I don't really own any red polishes so can't suggest another one, but this one looks really nice.


  4. I think that is a lovely bright warm red - Leighton Denny does some good ones can't remember names and OPI I'm only a waitress always gets good reviews. Love your photos - really good quality.

  5. Two of my favourites are OPI - vodka & caviar which is a nice strong 'true' red and Nails Inc - the hurlingham which is a gorgeously bright orange red.

  6. Wow, I want this color!:D

    Where to find Barry M in California?!
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    & Life According to Marie.

  7. @Marie - Sadly Barry M don't sell anywhere outside of the UK...however they do offer international shipping on there website. It's a flat rate so however much you buy the shipping is the same price.

    If I find out anywhere cheaper to buy Barry M from I will let you know!

    Fee x

  8. The marketing team really need to get their brainstorming hats on in naming these polishes!

    That said, its a beautiful colour, but I hear you on the once cheap, it looks tacky front.


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