Round-up of Beauty Twitpic's - August 1.2

~ Hurray!!!!!!!!! lol I love hitting pan- makes me feel less guilty

~ Four thirty lull. Need me some sugar... #rankinshoot

@Makeup_Savvy (That's me if you hadn't noticed!)

~ A rushed attempt but using NYX Loose Pigment Penny as Nail Polish. Very easy to do!

~ Love the new Halloween hand sanitizer names from bbw :)

~ First time I've seen a barry m stand like this...

I have to admit that I love when people post twitpics and so I am hoping everyone is enjoying this kind of post especially if you have missed them or you don't use twitter. 

If you do have a twitter account and do tweet photos make sure to tell me so I can do some stalkin' !


  1. Is that Barry M stand in superdrug, Cardiff?
    It's identical to the Cardiff one, if not! x x x

  2. it looks like the one in oxford street by marble arch to me! and theres an identical one in Topshop's flagship. haha so much barry m on just one street! xx

  3. I just posted a twitpic of my new necklace which I lurve!

  4. I love your twitpic posts :) it makes my twitpic stalking a lot more easier hehe xx

  5. I love that picture of Ruth on the Rankin shoot. I loved the update later advising you not to not stand next to a fan to tweet with full face and hair! Hilarious.

    I'm going to have to watch what I tweetpic in future!

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