Beautiful Blushers from No7

As the £5 No7 Voucher's are back I thought it would be a good time to mention afew products by No7. 

No7 have four types of blushers in there range - a powder blusher compact, a cream tint compact, a blush tint cream in stick format and a mineral powder blush.

The only one I don't own is the powder blush compact. I do own one of the cream tint blush compacts however due to moving this month it is packed away. But when I do find it I shall review it - which will hopefully before the No7 £5 voucher offer ends on the 12th September. As it is one of my favourite blushes by No7. 

However the two products that I am going to review are :- 
No7 Blush Tint Cream Blush  - in Blossom and Clove £9.75
No7 Mineral Loose Powder Blusher - in Soft Damson £8.75 

Blush Tint Cream Blush 
Blossom & Clove £9.75 each
(L-R - Clove and Blossom) 

No7 describes this product as a cream blush that glides and blends easily over the cheekbones to highlight and add a hint of colour to the face. 

I would describe them as hit and miss! Looking at the two shades I thought I would love Blossom and Clove would maybe be too dark for me. However I couldn't of been more wrong. 

(See all swatches below)

Blossom - Is very sheer in fact that if you over blend this you will have a job of even seeing it on the cheek. I found applying this with my fingers the best way to apply this and patting the product on so not to blend it out too much.  However once I sorted out how best to apply this, it is quite a nice rose shade that is quite flattering on pale skin.

Clove - This is poles apart from Blossom, it is so much more pigmented and blends out perfectly. This also really does highlight the cheekbones well and works with both fair and dark skin tones. I found the best way of applying this - as it was quite pigmented, was just one swipe over the cheek then blending it out with the fingers.

(Only 3g of product)

However I do have one gripe about the Blush Tints and that is the amount of product. For £9.75 which might as well be £10 you get only 3g of product. The compact version of the cream tints (unfortunately it's a different colour range) provide you with 6g of product for £8.75. 
So unless there is a specific shade that you really love with the Blush Tints I would definitely try out the No7 Cheek Tint Blusher 6g as you will be double the amount of product for less! 

Overall - I'm not amazed at these...I love Clove but I rarely use Blossom as the pigment just isn't there. So I would highly recommend you swatch all three of the shades before you think about buying. The one thing I did like about the product was how natural they looked on the skin alot softer and warmer than any powder blush. So on the whole these are a so-so product. 

The Swatches  

The swatches above are just one swipe of the product with no blending - however the Blush Tints do really blend out. 

Mineral Perfection Blusher 
Soft Damson - £8.75

No7 describe this product as being light, silky and easy to blend, so it gives your cheeks a natural shimmer. (This was taken from the website and to be honest it is a terrible description of the product) 

However this is how the box describes it - Made with a combination of soft focus pigments to give the perfect colour for a naturally radiant complexion. (Much better for quite a quality product)

The Mineral Perfection Blusher comes with 4g of products and also included is a little brush which is quite dense and perfect for applying the blush onto the cheekbones. 
As for the shade it is such a soft shade of damson that is perfect for Autumn and the colder months as it's quite a warm flush of colour. As far as pigment goes it is nicely pigmented and you don't need alot of the product at all on the brush - which does mean it will last quite along time. 

As for negatives I really can't see any - it really is as described. If you are into soft flawless looking blushes then this is for you. The other shade in the range is Rose Pink.

Overall - This is a really nice quality product that really lasts on the skin and with it being mineral based it suitable for anyone with oily skin that can break out with cream blushers. 
With a good base of foundation this can really look flawless and natural which is what I love about this product. 
Also with the blusher including a brush and being boxed this would make a perfect present! 

Looking at the full range of blushers available at No7 I would highly recommend the Mineral Perfection Blusher for a powder blush or the Cheek Tint Blusher for a cream blush which is a huge 6g of product.  


  1. Great post as usual sweets, I've always tended to bypass the No 7 range and the only thing i've picked up from them with a £5 voucher has been a lipgloss, which for it's original £8.75 price tag seemed far too sticky and has since been relegated to my makeup draws somewhere...

    I may have better luck with the face products, so might pop down and pick up a blush or two to try xx

  2. I like the look of clove, might try it out :)

  3. definitely going to try the cheek tint blusher in dublin. the swatches on the site are terrible: peach looks like a brownish red! I'm sure it isn't though!

    Thank you so much for this review, it saved me some money because I thought the sticks were much better!

  4. Oooh I love cheek tints! I don't think we have these ones here in canada.i know we have No7, but not these products.
    Love the colour Soft Damson in the mineral blusher.

  5. @Lydia - The cheek tint blushers are a must...but I also think the Blush Tint Cream in Clove would be perfect for your skintone.

    But I think you will quite like all the No7 products especially as the £5 vouchers are it can make it the same price as Rimmel & Max Factor.

  6. Thanks for the reviews, I will definitely check these products out, especially the mineral blush. I have two No7 vouchers to use :D x

  7. I love the packaging! I am going to check the tinted blushers deffinitely! Great post, sweetheart.

  8. I only own one no7 blush and it is one of my absolute favourites, but I think I'll try the mineral, it looks so gorgeous and I'm in need of a new one and with £5 off its perfect :)
    Fabulous review as always
    Madi x

  9. Oooh - I might have to get a powder blush! Love the fact that it comes with a brush, too! Boots here I come...

  10. Oooh - I might have to get a powder blush! Love the fact that it comes with a brush, too! Boots here I come...

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