A Flawless Campaign by Laura Mercier

After seeing this on the Laura Mercier website I really had to blog about it. 
Laura Mercier wants to know what is flawless? Whether it's found in beauty, confidence, love or happiness she wants to know what flawless means to you. 

There's no signing up or having to subscribe to the newsletter in order to submit your opinion. But the amazing thing about it...with every response they will donate $1.00 to the Gulf Relief Foundation to help restore the Gulf to it's previously flawless state. 
The campaign is ongoing until December and it literally takes seconds to submit your opinion on what is truly flawless. 

It's also really interesting to see other people's submissions and views.

Here are some of my favourites....

The smile of my grandmother's face - Hoon C.

Not having to worry about being flawless - Alison B. 

The comfort of feeling so close with someone that you don't need to fill the silence - Roger M.

The first warm day after a cold winter is flawless - Noora R.

The skin I had when I was 12 - Lauren B. 

To submit your answer to 'What is flawless?' and to help make the Gulf flawless once again visit lauramercier.com


  1. Awwww what a lovely idea! Those answers are so cute. Great job from Laura Mercier on this. Thank you for posting I'm definitely going to check it out.


  2. What a lovely idea, going to check out the website now x

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