Going Back to Basics

As a beauty blogger you would expect me to love all lotions & potions and guess what..I do! I love applying my Avene moisture mask, cleansing with No7's Hot Cloth Cleanser and trying anything that even suggests it will tighten the pores around my nose.

However you would think with everything I apply to my skin, it would atleast be even and blemish free most of the time. But that sadly isn't the case. 
Over the past year my skin has gone from being oily/combination to now just being oily even on parts of my cheeks. Which means spots and blackheads oh and afew lovely whiteheads.

left without makeup                       right with foundation & concealer

As you can see my skin isn't in the best of condition - but this is the worst it gets really.

So I have decided to ditch all the products I use (ofcourse if this makes my skin worse I will start using various products that I feel I need) 
This means no face scrub, no toner, no makeup remover, no cleanser and no moisturizer.
Just boring old soap and water!

I'm sure by now you are thinking what the hell am I doing! Especially with not using moisturizer. 
As I'm sure most of you believe all skin needs moisture even oily skin and I do agree. However I don't believe that the lack of moisturizing will create more oil or on the flip side leave my skin dry. I'm hoping my skin will start to regulate itself and become abit more balanced.

I think it's important to point out that I currently use an oil-free moisturizer by Nivea that I have been using for the last year and it is a good moisturizer however over the last free months I feel I'm just moisturizing for the sake of it. 

As for my soap of choice there are two (just so my skin doesn't get too bored!)

SebaMed Cleansing Bar - This is something I have been using for around 6 months (you can read my full review on it here) You may also notice that I also mentioned Pears soap in the same post. Which I will not be using and haven't done so since it radically changed it's ingredients - but you can read my rant about it here.
SebaMed really seems to balance out my skin and it's strong or even that soap like. It's also only £2.50 a bar. 

Simple Pure Soap - This is something I've never tried before. However I bought this due to the lack of ingredients (it only has around 7 ingredients) and it's only 85p! Yes, I'm a cheapskate. 

So my new regime with be to wash my face twice a day using either soap and if I feel I need to exfoliate I will use a muslin cloth or a scrublet thing!

Also carrying on the theme with makeup. 

I have decided no more primers or translucent powder. 

Just foundation applied with a damp sponge and oil control blotting papers to reduce any shine.

I do feel this is abit radical however it is only a test at the end of the day. In which I'm hoping my skin will start to improve. However if it doesn't work I doubt using less chemical and less products will cause it to become any worse.
I'm going to try this for exactly a month (maybe 3 weeks if I'm really bored)!
Then compare the image above with the final results and how my skin compares. I really hope this helps & look forward to showing you all the results!



  1. Ooo interesting, when I was at uni, I met a girl who had trained her hair to wash itself, I know that sounds mad, but she started off leaving her hair for a week, then a few, then a few months, then longer and now she can go without washing her hair for 6-8 months without it being greasy, I don't know how she managed it, but her housemates said she never hardly had wet hair!! I wonder if your skin will do the same. Keep us updated xx

  2. oo, make sure you let us know how this goes!

    what foundation do you use? the coverage is amazing!
    if you arent using a moisturizer/primer, will your foundation not last as long, and give you less coverage? xxx


  3. wow these looks like some amazing products.
    esp that foundation.<3

  4. if this project doens't work you could give a try to some orgnic skincare and makeup products. I don't think max factor fourndation is so good used every day on the skin. I feel so fine with mineral makeup that's magic with oily skin... give me a shout if you need any advice on organic makeup ;)

  5. This is so exciting! I can't wait to see the results :) xx

  6. This is a great idea and I am sure it will work...as soon as you skin gets used to the routine, it will be able to balance itself better!

  7. You know, exactly the same thing has happened to me, but only since I've started testing loads (like, hundreds) of things every month.
    I have it from a good source that using creams that are too rich for your skin can make your pores enlarged and cause spots, and so now I try not to test overly rich creams too often, and I also dissolve one Sainsbury's Revive tablet in a glass of water everyday, it's got loads of vitamins in and my skin has been great!
    x x x

  8. Interesting experiment - looking forward to see how it turns out! x

  9. Wow...I'm really interested to see where this experiment goes, mainly because I have exactly the same skin type as you! So definitely looking forward to seeing how this works out for your skin :)

  10. Ok, when i first started reading i wondered if you'd lost your mind :p but I'm actually really interested to see how this goes along :)
    Great post!

  11. I'm *very* interested to see how this goes. I hope you get good results but I'm also wondering if it might render skincare blogging obsolete if it goes well!!

    Good luck, Fee, and keep us posted!

    Rach xx

  12. i think its a great idea, i do not always use moisturizers and toners as well and i think its ok for me cause i have oily skin, but in the winter i cant live without moisturizer, cause my skin gets really dry at that time,

  13. @Chloe - The foundation I use at the moment that's in the pictures above is Max Factor Second Skin..I basically apply it with a Barbara Daly damp sponge and just build up the coverage where I need it.
    As for not using a primer or moisturizer..I'm thinking it may actually last longer as at the moment I think my moisturizer doesn't work well with my foundation and causes it to slip off my face during the day!

    @Olivia - I've tried afew mineral foundations and they don't seem to improve my skin really, however they do work nicely. However I use Second Skin by Max Factor as it never clogs up my skin.
    But I should atleast try a mineral concealer!

    @A Model Recommends - I read your post about the Revive tablets last week and I'm really tempted to try them now! However I don't think I have a Sainsbury's for miles!!

    @Dandelion - I am wondering about winter and I am sure I will get dry skin if I don't use a moisturizer so I am thinking if my skin does improve only applying oil free moisturizer to the dry areas.


    Thanks to all the other comments.
    I will make sure to update you all how it goes.

    Fee x

  14. I'm the same I only use a microfibre cloth and warm water to wash my face :) I do use moisturiser though and rosehip oil :)

  15. I use simple soap as I find that simple products work best for my skin. No, I'm not spot-free, but I never really expected that from just a skincare range. I will say that my skin is less problematic and my spots are smaller and there are far fewer. I use a medley of facial washes everytime I shower, I also use the Boots exfoliator sponge, it was soooo cheap and I think it really does make a little difference, I can actually SEE the makeup come off my skin.

  16. Ha, I got excited and stopped using full stops. So my last sentence really was a big one. Sorry! (I'm usually anal about spelling and grammar.)

  17. That foundation looks absolutely divine. I need to get some new beauty products my face needs some TLC.


  18. Someone that I worked with did a study on this. Volunteers spent a portion of the study using simple soap and E45, in the middle they stopped using all moisturiser and for the final stage they return to their usual regime. Candidates had very dry skin though as opposed to oily skin. However, it's true that their skin did reach an equilibrium without moisturiser and wasn't dry and tight as they believed might happen. I must have a look and see if she produced a paper on it.

    I hope it goes well and I'll look forward to hearing how you get on. 28 days is definitely the ideal time frame for skin results :)
    Jane x

  19. @Sanny - The simple soap has been really good so far...basically really gentle and umm simple!
    I think I need to buy the Boots exfoliator sponge that you talk of! Sounds exactly what I need.

    @Modesty Brown - Oh this sounds really interesting..shame it wasn't on a mix of skintypes though! But I am really hoping my skin will get use to not relying on moisturiser and balance itself out more.
    If she did write a paper on it make sure to tweet me about it, would be interested to see the overall results :)

    Fee x

  20. I definately think this will work- I have been without any type of face products for a month and my skin has loved it :)
    Best of luck!


  21. Hi Fee, I had a look and she didn't publish. I have a feeling it was work for a Pharma so that was why it was specifically dry skin patients and why it's not been published. She has published lots on comedogenisis and acne scarring, so lots of very interesting stuff!

  22. I know exactly how you feel - I've never ever in my whole life had spots, but since starting beauty blogging, my skin has just gone wild :( At the moment, the only thing it'll accept is the Garnier Soft Essentials Cream Cleanser and Toner and my Origins moisturiser - everything else makes it really grumpy :(

  23. Good luck, I'm really interested to see how your skin reacts to this as I'm definitely suffering from product overload at the moment - it's so sensitive!

  24. We're so pleased that you're choosing Avene for your basic skin care regime! As you're a fan, maybe you'd 'like' us on our facebook page here http://en-gb.facebook.com/pages/Avene-UK/296277672996?v=info
    We love blogegrs to try our our products so feel free to leave us a message on our wall if any of you guys would like to do that Thanks x

  25. this sounds like such a good idea, i have a friend who has hardly any problems with her skin because she just uses good old fashioned soap and water. i, on the other hand use a concoction of things that are supposed to be for my combination skin which is also really sensitive and i have really terrible skin!
    i might try this too and have a go. hope it works for you! also going to try out the sponge for applying foundation.
    you have an amazing blog!! x x

  26. Very brave step to take. Please keep us updated on the results, it should be interesting.

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