OPI - Coney Island Cotton Candy

I think this has to be one of the few nail polishes that I have a love/hate relationship with. 
I love the brush, I love the shade, I even love the name. However I hate how sheer it is and how it applies. 
There is no applying it in thin layers and building up the colour until it's opaque. More applying it thickly with every coat until on your fourth it's nearly there on the opaque front. Which means there is a 90% chance that you will get an imprint of something or other on your nails before they have finished drying and if you apply this even afew hours before going to sleep you will be waking up with bed nails which you can see Zara from
Mouldy Fruit sporting here.
It also shows how lovely Coney Island can look on a more olive, darker skin tone.

Basically it is a pain to apply, which means I don't use it all that often and when I do I make sure I apply this when I will not be doing anything so that I can let it dry fully! 
But like a say once this is on it looks perfect. I should also mention in the top image I had applied 3 coats so it's nearly opaque. 
In general I really do love nude nails and have quite afew however they are basically very similar. I'm sure alot of people (especially my boyfriend) would say they are all the same. But to me they are all very different. Maybe not in shade but definitely in consistency and also transparency. Which to be honest deserves a whole blogpost but I thought I would show you what three different nude nail polishes look like.


(L-R: OPI Coney Island, Eyeko Nude Polish, Revlon Nude Chic) 

The price ranges from £3.50 for the Eyeko polish to £10.00 for the OPI nail polish but these really do vary in how they apply and how opaque they go on.
I won't go into it now but this is the one type of nail polish that is worth googling before you go out and buy the specific product. As from experience there are alot of let down sheer nude nail polishes out there.

So expect a post in the near future on the best & worst nudes. I just need to think of an appropriate blog title that won't be searched for by unsavoury types!



  1. I don't find the Eyeko sheer at all. On me it's 2 coats perfect. I love it. And I'm drawn to nudes now too. Never thought I would be because it sounds so boring but there are some lovely ones and the Eyeko is a big hit with me.

  2. This looks lovely but I hate any nail polish which requires more than two coats!

  3. I really have to order the Eyeko Nude Polish, it looks great...

  4. i own this one too and i like the color only if i aply about 4 coats, and for me i dont use polishes where u need more than 2 coats, so i pretty much dont use this one at all

  5. Really lusting after the Revlon one now... xx

  6. Ooo what a lovely shade but I do already have the Eyeko nude polish so I suppose there isn't much point in me getting this. Thanks for saving me my pennies!!

    Love J.

  7. lovely shade!

    and omg, "bed nails?" there's a name for the what i see every morning after i paint my nails?!

    i know what you mean about the sheerness. i'm not a fan of sheer nail polish at all but sometimes i can't help it if the colour's so dang pretty!


  8. I picked up Revlon Nude Chic in my local Poundland believe it or not, so worth a try if you have one near you



  9. I went through a stage of buying every nuce/pink which OPI did when I had long nails and sported a french. I too liked this shade, but I needed to be able to do 1 and a half coats if that makes sense, 1coat=too sheer, 2coats=too heavy.

  10. I love OPI polishes. I love pink. I do NOT, however, love a large majority of pink/nude OPI polishes. And it's all because of the sheer factor. I'm like... how hard is it to make them opaque? :/

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