No7 £5 Voucher's Return!

I did mention this about two weeks ago now..however it was in a post about something else. So I doubt alot of you saw it really.

Also I thought it would be handy to point out the terms & conditions of the £5 vouchers as unless you have a voucher in your mitts you won't know what you can & can't buy with the voucher. If that makes sense!

The offer is valid until Sunday 12th September 2010 when you spend over £5 instore at Boots. If you order anything online and get it sent for free instore you don't get the voucher and the same applies for ordering online. 

As for redeeming the voucher...

  • The voucher can be spent on No7 or Ruby & Millie 
  • Cannot be redeemed against No7 products in Waitrose
  • Excludes all giftsets and price reduced items
  • Only one voucher can be redeemed per transaction 
  • No change can be given for orders under the value of £5 (there isn't very much for under that amount though) 
 There are other terms & conditions but they are the boring ones like 'photocopies' will not be accepted!


I do have some of my own tips though as to products being out of stock - something which is bound to happen when the offer is running.
  • Mainly if the item you want is out of stock don't be tempted to use the voucher on something else you didn't want, as Boots have deliveries daily. So it's worth asking if the product with be in the next day as 99% of the time it will. 
  • I have also noticed that not all of the No7 products are on the concession or stand. If you are looking for brushes there with be some of the stand but also with other branded  brushes and accessories 
  • And if you want to be abit naughty and not have to spend £5 instore to just get the voucher you can always have a little look on Ebay! But I didn't tell you that :)
I think I will be purchasing the cheek tint in Blossom & a new Quick Cover concealer.


  1. I just bought one for £2 from ebay, nice little saving concidering I don't need to be buying anything to earn the voucher so I can put that saved £3 towards my No7 item :D x

  2. Very cheeky the idea of looking on Ebay! hehe ..

    I'm not sure what to purchase, may have a peruse on their site now :)


  3. I've just been to Boots this evening (to buy more Naked products - you've got me hooked!) and received a voucher.
    I've not used any no7 makeup before, so I've no idea what to use mine for!
    x x

  4. @WelshBeautyBlog -

    Oh I'm glad I have you hooked on the Naked products!

    As for No7...if you haven't tried anything before I'd go for the Mineral Loose Powder comes in two shades Rose Pink and Soft Damson but I'd go for Soft Damson. It's a really lovely shade.
    It also comes boxed with a small brush. It's £8.75 sooo £3.75 with the voucher :)
    A bargain!

    Fee x

  5. The No. 7 voucher becomes a bit of a merry-go-round for me. Get, one, buy something, get another one, buy something etc... Good thing there's loads I need to stock up on...although I shouldn't really! xx

  6. Well so far with my 3 vouchers I have bought.

    ruby and millie i-define brush worked out at £1.50

    ruby and millie i-brush also £1.50

    No7 Ultimate moisture gloves which Ive heard good things about.

    so just need to see what other goodies I need to buy to get more vouchers lol

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