Lush Up You Gets Emotibomb

 I purchased the Emotibomb (80g £1.95)  stupidly thinking it was some type of scrub for the shower - I didn't bother to read the label and my boyfriend was distracting me at the time! So when I got home and finally read what it was meant to do I was slightly confused. 

The label reads - 
Speed up in the morning with a citrussy smack in the shower. Put it on the floor of your shower, turn on the water, let it fizz up and inhale all the reviving essential oils.

So after reading this I thought I would reserve judgement on this none product, product and hopped into the shower with it for my umm... citrussy smack!

(Sex In the Shower 70g and Too Drunk 55g both £1.95 each)

Instead of getting on with washing my hair I thought I would wait for the Emotibomb to fizz abit so I could smell the lovely aroma. So I waited and then I waited abit more, I even closed my eyes so see if I could smell it better! I them got a whiff of grapefruit and lemon, so I thought it must be working. 

I then got on with washing my hair and my shampoo and shower gel totally masked any scent coming from the Emotibomb and by this time it was looking pretty small. 
By the time I ended my shower 5 minutes later the Emotibomb was long gone and even though the shower was quite steamy there was no scent what so ever. 

As for making me feel more awake I made sure I used it after working out so that I could see if it did give me a little boost - it sadly didn't. 

Overall -  I still fail to grasp the concept of this - to me it just seems utterly pointless even if it did work, which it doesn't. 
Surely Lush would realize that the scent would be over powered by any shampoo or body wash as it is placed so far away.

What am I even saying! The idea of this product is terrible and I am surprised it made it onto the shelves of Lush!


  1. What a bizarre product! Good job it wasn't more expensive, I'd have been well peeved on your behalf otherwise! xxx

  2. That's a shame - it would have been a really great product if it had worked!


  3. I actually like the concept of it, shame it doesn't actually work! there's no logic to it :/
    Say if it did work, what would you do just sit there under the shower, waiting for it to fizz about then go about your washing?
    hm ?:

  4. I love Lush however their prices are getting a bit out of control.


  5. this is a seriously odd product, glad i havent picked it up! haha

  6. i just read the lush paper yesterday and got all excited about it...thanks for saving me money. that sucks.

  7. I've used a couple of these and I still don't see the point in them! It's true - you can hardly smell them and they just don't do anything :/ It's be cheaper to just mix some lemon juice with a bit of bicarb - it's practically the same thing. Such a disappointment :(

  8. I'm a total fan of these, but as a complete skinflint I caught on to the trick pretty quickly - when I get them home I chop them into nine pieces, and then put them in a box to use one at a time. I think they work a lot better if you have a closed in shower cubicle like mine - the scent is really powerful when it doesn't have too much room to dissapaite.

  9. Thank you for posting this. I was going to buy some as presents, but now I know better, thanks to you.


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