New MNY Maybelline makeup range

Today I thought I would share with you a new range of makeup that you may or may not know about already. 
The new brand is called MNY as is the 'daughter' of Maybelline New York and will be exclusive to Superdrug later on this year. 
So far the brand has launched in German and Austria, which is where the above photo is from, it will also be launching in the US in 2011. 

According to WWD the makeup range is aimed at 15-25 year olds, but to be honest I think it will appeal to the teen market more so than a woman in her 20's as the illustrations/packaging looks slightly cheap which is a shame. 
Also quite interestingly the range is based around haul videos, beauty blogging, swatches etc...instead of magazines and television. Which to me says they have created a range of cheap 'throw away' makeup that they don't want to spend money on through advertising. 

Cashing in comes to mind...but I personally don't mind as long as the makeup is up to scratch.


As for the prices of the MNY products it is pretty low end and nothing will be priced higher than £2.50 to £3.00. 
However the line is lacking in foundation, concealer, mascara and quite importantly lipstick. 
Which is a shame.

The range is too include 4 kohl pencils (silver,aqua,brown and black), 7 rouges, 38 eyeshadows, 4 lip balms, 35 Nail polishes, 18 lip gloss and 17 tubes of lipgloss. 
Seems like Maybelline think that lipgloss is the way to go! 
There will also be a Limited Edition range every 2 months - I am thinking the first being the ' I am a Pop Queen'

I am basing all this on the existing range in Europe so please don't quote me on any of this! 

The range will also be displayed in colour groups instead of types of product - which I think is a nice idea. 
The groups being - coral to red, lilac to plum, nude to brown, pink to fuchsia, yellow to green and also blue through to silver and black. All will be displayed in gradients. 


To be honest after Superdrug's £1 range and the likes of Collection 2000 and 17, I really don't think we need another budget range however the MNY does look alot more vibrant and fresh. I just hope the products are pigmented well and aren't too cheap looking/feeling! 

I will however be trying out some the 35 nail polishes as they do look quite interesting and the kohl eyeliners and maybe the fluid blushes!

I may be avoiding the cheap looking lipglosses and sadly most of the eyeshadows! But for the price these will be great for teenagers that are just getting into makeup and wanting brighter colours.


Overall the range does look quite interesting and more original than some budget brands in the past. 
I just really hope the products don't let us down as the colour range looks really great as do some of the products like the kohl liners and nail polishes. 

As per usual I would love to know your thoughts on the new range, will you be trying it? 
If so, which products have caught your eye. Also what do you think about Maybelline aiming this at the whole Internet beauty community?  Is it a good idea or just abit pointless! 

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  1. Ooh thanks for the heads up, I had no idea about this! I will obviously be trying some of the nail polishes, and maybe the blushes if they look/feel nice in the shop but none of the rest of it really appeals to me unfortunately.
    As for them aiming it at the internet beauty community... I'm not sure how I feel about that - I mean in theory it's a good idea but the vast majority (certainly not saying all!) of beauty bloggers/youtube gurus are a bit discerning of cheapear brands and might dismiss it. Having said that, Superdrug MUA got some good reviews. We'll see!

  2. Mmnnyeah... those don't look like my kind of thing. And frankly, the whole vlogger/blogger/whatsit bit puts me off for some reason. I mean, I love my gurus and bloggers and all, but I don't know. That bit just seems tacky to me. Or something. :/

  3. I'm very attracted by this range but I'm very disappointed because maybelline is claimng they're launch in italy since last year but they never do it!
    as a blogger I would like to have more reachable infos :)

  4. I don't like the packaging at all, looks like something my 13 year old cousin would buy, so I'd probably skip past it tbh xx

  5. It looks a bit tacky to me!! Seems a bit weird there's no lipstick!

  6. I love the idea of them aiming ranges at the internet beauty community but I'm not sure on the range... it does look extremely cheap and a bit tacky...
    Having said that I'm definately going to be trying some of their stuff out (I can't resist new brands)
    But no high hopes.

  7. Shame about the fact there isn't any lipstick, but I will def. be heading over to try the lipgloss and the nail polish!

  8. This looks like a great line !

  9. Wow, this looks great. I just hope it won't be such low quality like Hard Candy here in the US.

  10. oh my goodness that looks preedyyyy ME WANT lol xx

  11. I actually went and bought some products from this brand yesterday when I was in Saarbr├╝cken, I'm gonna put up a review and swatches up tomorrow, if anyone's interested and they're actually not bad. The two eyeshadows that I have are quite pigmented, but the plastic lid is cracked on both of them, which I'm not that impressed about. then I got a liquid blush which so far seems quite nice. So I'm quite happy with the products and the prices, the only let down is that on photos, the display looks huge, y'know one whole stand, but it's basically half a stand on top of a different brand. I do like the colours though and I'd have bought more had I have had more time :)

  12. sorry for double post, it must be annoying but if you're curious, I have swatches and my review here :)

  13. The eyeshadows turned out to be good pigmented.
    I think MNY needs to grow a little bit first. They have a lot of colors, but when i walk by i'm not directly charmed by it ;)
    Gonna buy some nail polishes soon!

  14. I've tried it out cuz I go to Germany every so often and thought it was great. The packaging is totally demeaning. Superb once again maybelline!!

  15. I bought one of their blushes a few days ago and I really loved it :) very pigmented and beautiful :) Over here in finland they cost about 5 euros :)
    Great post btw :)

  16. Definitely going to try some of the range of products because I grew up and my first makeup was Maybelline and Covergirl products so I'm pretty sentimental and I still buy both companies products (Covergirl is a bit harder to get). I remember my first lipgloss was a Maybelline one in Strawberry and it had the little roller ball. It didn't last long on my lips I used to lick it off, smelt so yummy. I love the quality and price of both of these brands. I wish this was available now!

  17. I managed to find the MNY eyeshadows and lipglosses in my local bargain shop that imports products from abroad! I got 3 lipglosses, and I'm actually really impressed! They didn't have all the colours but the colours they did have were nice. They're also almost exactly the same size as MAC lipglasses, which is nice. I'll definitely be going back for more and buying the products when they come out in Superdrug!


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