June Favourites

I feel like I have alot of favourites this month...some new favourites and some really old favourites that I haven't mentioned before. 
Again I have taken a separate photo of the 'boring' items that to be honest aren't that boring to me, but may bore some people. 

Nivea Oil-Free Moisturising Fluid £3.99- I have used this was years and it works perfectly on oily skin or if you have an oily T- zone. But recently I have started to love it even more as due to being ill I had quite dry hydrated skin that just felt clogged up. So every night I started to use quite alot of this on my face and really massaged it in for about 3-4 minutes. My skin it now back to normal, feeling hydrated and with no redness! It's also really cheap.

George ' 37 Raincloud' Nail Polish - For such a cheap nail polish (About £1.50) this goes on great and is such a lovely soft colour. Beautiful for anytime even summer. It's really worth buying if you like wearing different nail polishes. 

Barry M '2 -Toffee' Lipgloss - This is my go-to (really dislike putting 'go to' for some reason) lipgloss. It smells and tastes amazing and most importantly it isn't sticky or tacky. Just a lovely colour on the lips! A staple lipgloss. 

Guerlian Rouge G 'Gaia' Lipstick - Not only is the packaging great (the lid flips open to reveal two mirrors) but the consistency is perfect - not at all drying and with great staying power, which is what I look for in a lipstick.

Revlon '998 -Nude Chic' Nail Polish - This is perfect for the mannequin nails trend - it goes on evenly and you only need 2 coats. Just gives the nail's a really neat finish but you do need to watch out for nasty little bubbles in the polish! 

Bourjois Vintage pots in '72 Voilet Absolu' and '08 Beige Rose' -To be honest I thought purple eyeshadow just wasn't my thing... but I use Beige Rose over the lid and Voilet Absolu in the crease, which I blend out really well and it look's great. The Voilet Absolu also looks good when applied as eyeliner with a damp brush. You can read a full review on the Bourjois Limited Edition Vintage eyeshadows here.

Now onto the more boring product, feel free to turn off now of skip this section! 

Tesco Saline Solution - For years I have buying expensive contact solution by monthly contract so that every month I would receive 4 bottles - I evenly built up a large collection of contact lens solution so I decided to cancel the contract and use up the solution. So this month I finally finish the last bottle and had to find a new cheaper version. This one was the best I found at £1.50 for 500ml. It ofcourse is great for contact lens wearers but I also use this as normal eye drops (because eye drops are just saline solution) and also for wetting an angled eyeliner brush for using eyeshadow as eyeliner - it makes the liner stay put for much longer than when you just use water!

Calypso Dry Oil SPF 30 - The most perfect type of sun protection - non-greasy or sticky, water-resistant, clear and easy to apply - I have wrote a full review of this, which you can find here.

Sally Hansen Kwik Off Nail Colour Remover £3-4  - Amazing stuff - So much easier than using a bottle of nail polish remover and cotton pads and I am sure it will last for ages! You just dip your nail into the middle of the sponge and it removes the nail polish within seconds! 
You can also fit in about 4 fingers at once! I bought this as TK Maxx however there are lots on Ebay.

Eucryl Toothpowder Around £3 - I have tried so many teeth whitening products and most of them contain them odd trays that you have to keep in for ages or/and they taste awful!  Now I am not going to say it's an amazing product but it's cheap...tastes like spearmint which is ok and you use it like toothpaste. The powder to foaming consistency is something that does take abit of getting use too! 
It does however whiten the teeth slightly but most importantly removes any dis-colouration or staining. You can probably find this is your local chemist like Cohen's.

YSL Babydoll  30ml - This is such a summery fragrance that I have started using daily with all the sunny weather. It's sweet and almost sugary smelling.

Xen-Tan Deep Bronze - Now I thought I would try using this after being an avid lover of St Moriz. The colour it is slightly better but to be honest not much. But the huge difference is the application it is so much easier and not at all messy unlike St Moriz. It also doesn't tan your hands a shade of umpa lumpa while applying it and it smells so good! 
Worth the price just for the ease of applying it! 

The Goddess Books By Gisele Scanlon -These two books make perfect summer reads to dip in and out of or for cosing up with in winter. The topics in the book range from travel,fashion,beauty,art and food. It is really worth going into your local book shop to have a flick through either of these books - however The Goddess Guide has to be my favourite! You can read a review of The Goddess Experience here.



  1. I MUST try that nail polish...it's right up my alley!

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  3. Great tips with the saline solution! I love that lipstick. x

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  5. I love your nails in the picture!! the badazzled nail is hot!!!


  6. I'm so curious about xen tan... I never trie a fake tanner that doesn't smells :)

  7. I love little pots of Bourjois!

  8. i love barrym toffee (:,X

  9. Nrrrgh >.< You kill me! I've been hunting for Violet Absolu since it came out, but with no luck -- it seems like we haven't a proper Bourjois stockist in Edmonton!

    The hunt goes on, I suppose...

  10. I have both the Goddess books too and I absolutely adore them. I love the way you can read them over and over and can dip in and out of topics as you please!!

  11. ive got The Goddess Experience its fantastic didnt kno there was another one thanks for that.

  12. I thought it was just me that got bubbles in my nail varnish!
    Also before I forget, those ebay brushes you posted up? I bought them and they're so great I owe you a big thank you :) i did a review of them on my blog and linked you back :) x

  13. That's such a lovely selection of items. The Guerlain lipsticks look so nice and packaging is awesome! I keep meaning to try that lipgloss and after seeing your nail tutorial the other day, I'm interested to have a look at the Revlon nail polish. :)
    Jane x

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