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Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Pearls - This was a product that I was going to mention in my June Favourites, however I had too many favourites so I couldn't include afew products and this was one of them. There are two different shades available - Sahara Sun and Tropical Tan (which looked abit to orange for my liking) which you can find in most Boots stores for £1.95. I originally picked this up because it was cheap and I have never really tried that much from Natural Collection but I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised with this. Tanned or not tanned this just gives abit of colour to the face with abit of a sheen. Not cheap or orange looking so perfect for the price! However I have found the little pearls get stuck in the brush and then fall on the floor, which isn't great..however I tend to give the pot a shake with the lid on and it crushes them up slightly. 
All in all a pretty good product considering the price.

Eyelash Tinting - I finally made the time to get my eyelashes professionally tinted in a local beauty salon about two weeks ago and I am now really thinking about having it done every month and keeping ontop of it. I should of really taken a before shot but take it from me, my eyelashes are naturally very blonde so it does make it a pain to get mascara right upto the base of my lashes. I went for the darkest shade which was blue black and it took about 15 or so minutes and only cost £6! I highly recommend this for anyone with fair eyelashes or if you are going on holiday and don't want to be wearing mascara everyday. 

Moving House - I did mention this in my last In's and Out's post but I don't care! I am really looking forward to be moving however it's only three weeks away and I haven't done anything in the way of packing! But I am not stressed just yet - As long as I can sit in my new garden with a glass of wine (or maybe a Malibu & Coke!) and ignore all the boxes when it gets too much I will be ok! :)


Aussie Shine + Protection Serum - I do normally love Aussie products especially the 3 minute miracle conditioner (it just smells so good and works) however this just feels and smells over chemically. It is also pretty greasy feeling on the hair and can quite easily make your hair look like it needs a good washin' if you use too much of the serum! It also leaves you with greasy palms as you can see above. This is just a big no no for me. I much prefer the Naked Extra Shiny Finishing Serum which actually has a smell of Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle! 

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - It is just in so many products and recently I have had a major clear out of all things containing the ingredient..the above products are just afew that contain SLS...even my toothpaste contained it! You may think I am going slightly overboard on the health risks associated with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate however I am just going on the results of not using as much SLS which is actually classed as a skin irritant. Having only used SLS free shampoo and shower gel for quite afew months hair and skin have improved so much. So my next mission is to remove all SLS products from my skincare routine and so far it's going really skin is feeling alot softer and not as red. 
Seeing as this is classed as an 'Out' I am sounding quite positive, but it does really annoy me that this chemical is in so so many products that are classed as 'gentle' and for sensitive skin. 
I am really looking forward to trying the new Good Things skincare range that's available from Boots - It is totally SLS free!



  1. Natural Collection do have some decent stuff in- their loose powder and bronzer is good.

    Oh, and don't worry about not packing etc. I'm moving in 6 days and have only packed a box of books :-S


  2. I've got really fair eyelashes too and have the same problem. I love getting my lashes tinted though cause it just takes all the hassle out of mascara!

    Lisa xx

  3. Oh my, I suggest you start packing, it can be really stressful!:D
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  4. Wow i'm surprised at the natural collection bronzing pearls- I haven't yet found cheap bronzing pearls that actually work so I'm definately giving them a go!

  5. the bronzing pearls look gorgeous, your lashes look great, and i'm so with you on the SLS.

    my skin isn't bothered by it so much, but my scalp + SLS = hell! it irritates my scalp like no other! it's amazing how it's in everything, isn't it? amazing in a scary way.


  6. I have been thinking for a while to get my eyelashes tinted. I think your post has persuaded me even more! :)

  7. The Good Things range is fantastic. Smells delicious and doesn't make my sensitive skin break out. Their mattifying moisturiser is gorgeous. I will be more careful of avoiding SLS products, so thanks for making me aware :D

  8. The Good Things range is fantastic. Smells delicious and doesn't make my sensitive skin break out. Their mattifying moisturiser is gorgeous. I will be more careful of avoiding SLS products, so thanks for making me aware :D

  9. sls free shampoos do make such a differance my hair is so much softer, i think i should switch to sls free skincare too

  10. I may have to try those pearls!

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