NOTD - Silver Cascade + Hexograms Barry M

I don't know what it is but I always seem to be drawn to glittery nail polishes and especially Silver Cascade by Barry M which is very good dupe for Mad as a Hatter by OPI. The only difference being that Silver Cascade has more red than pink glitter in it. 

I also love how glitter nail polishes apply - Opaque within 2 coats and no streaks. They also last quite afew days without chipping if you remember to apply a topcoat. 
However there is one big downside and that is when it comes to removing the nail polish. It is the world's worst to remove, but ofcourse the tinfoil fingertips trick does help.

But I did make a recent discovery... 

Sally Hansen's Kwik Off - it is basically a pot with a big sponge in it with acetone free nail polish remover. It literally removes normal polish within seconds which is amazing in itself. But I've also found it is perfect for removing glittery nail polish within 5-10 seconds it is removed! No soaking or scrubbing your nail with a cotton pad. 

If you do wear nail polish alot I highly recommend you buy this - the best place would be Ebay and you can get it for around £4. However if you aren't convinced I will be doing a full review of it some time this week. 

Anyways back to talking about Barry M. I also applied one coat of Holograms Hexographs 224 over the top of Silver Cascade 216 which actually look very similar to if you applied 3 coats of the lovely Happy Birthday by Deborah Lippmann...ok I wasn't going to use the word dupe again. But it if pretty much a dupe of it, which is great if you can't get hold of Happy Birthday.

I also quickly wanted to mention something...Is it me or is there no consistence at all with how Barry M label or number products. It is always very confusing. On the Barry M website my bottle of Hexograms is actually called Holograms Heographs and my bottle of Silver Cascade is name less with only the number 216 on the bottom. 
This is also the same with the makeup range - On the website they have names and numbers on the actual product it is just a number. 
They need to sort themselves out!

Anyways enough rambling for today...I hope you like my nails even though they are very glittery and I am sure not many people's cup of tea.

However if you do like glittery nail polish, I would love to know what your favourite is! 


  1. Oh thats lovely! My favourite glitter polish is 'Twinkle' by Pop Beauty... I did a review on it here:

  2. I have these but hadn't thought of layering them like this. Partly because of the removal issues. That Kwik-Off sounds good and ideal for a lazy lump such as myself.

  3. i think i've fallen in love! i'm going to a festival at the weekend and this looks perfect! i'm soo getting this!

  4. wow i love it, although i haven't tried glittery nails myself i definitely will soon :D xx

  5. I love it!
    I'm defiantely going to be on the hunt for those two - they look so damn good :)
    & Barry M's labelling is pretty terrible - very inconsistent x

  6. sooo pretty!!

  7. Wow Silver Cascade is AMAZING! I love it! I have the red glitter and the Green glitter nail paints from Barry M, im sure they are christmas only paints because i havent seen them since. They as sooo glittery and everyone commented on my nails when i wore them but as you said they are a pain in the butt to remove!

    I'll be looking out for your review on the Kwik-off review :-)

  8. this is suuch a crazy, fun colorrr! <333
    i love it.

  9. really really nice nail polishes :)


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