A Sunny Weekend + a Little NOTD

I was going to write a post today however it is such a nice day to stay in so I thought I would quickly do a small post while getting ready!

As you can see I have a guest Nail of the Day - my little niece Francesca who is 3! Her favourite nail polish out of my whole collection was Golden Sands by George...it did use to be Pink Flamingo by Barry M but she told me she had gone off Purple's and Pinks! 

It did take her a good 15 minutes to decide that this was her favourite nail polish after call all my Nude's and Greys 'Non colours'! She wasn't impressed by them.

She did also ask me it my clear nail polishes were water :)

Anyways, I hope you all have a lovely Sunday with hopefully good weather and remember to enter my giveaway if you have the time! 
Fee xx


  1. Bless her :)


  2. awwww sooo cutE!!


  3. such a sweetie


  4. She's adorable!! :D

  5. my gosh, she's gorgeous! how adorable!

    hope you're having a great weekend, fee! x


  6. Aw she's adorable!
    I love how she called them 'non-colours' :)

  7. I sweetie.
    So i dont know why, but the link were i announce your contest, and other was been deleted. I did a new one.
    I sorry for the inconvenient!
    I respond in this entry so that the other entry don't be confused!
    You can check the new blog post in my blog here http://yesiamagirlandsowhat.blogspot.com/2010/07/sunday-contest-day-d_11.html

    Again, so so sorry!

  8. awwwwww shes adorable!! :)

  9. O she is darling ! Such a precious beauty :)

    + cute way to post a quick note...
    I like the idea of a note in a "note"

    genius fee x


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