The £2.50 Cellulite cure?

So continuing on my cellulite curing mission after my Soap & Glory Sit Tight review. I fished out this odd looking device that I picked up from Superdrug afew weeks ago. To be honest it was abit of a find as it is placed amongst the sponges and travel zip bags looking abit sad in it's cheap packaging. However I didn't let this put me off as for £2.50 it was pretty much a bargain. 

I had previously seen other Cellulite Massager's on the market that looked VERY similar (same knobbly bits that look like mini tables & chairs) In particular the Sanctuary Spa Cellulite Massager - same knobbly bits just with a more "up market" handle which is priced at £7.99.

Anyway after reading the basic instructions which basically said your meant to use the device in the shower with shower gel - Which I tried and it wasn't that affective at all as it was quite slippery when trying to rub the upper thighs with it. It also made this odd noise against the skin.

So I tried using it as you would a dry body brush - using it in circular motions towards the heart to increase blood flow/circulation and I must admit it does hurt slightly..but no pain no gain hey! When I say it hurt slightly it is after afew minutes of doing it and applying abit of pressure. 

Afterwards compared to my other thigh my skin felt ALOT softer, granted it was red and sunburnt looking but it felt so much smoother. I was really surprised as even using a body brush had never given me these results. 
After using it for afew days though I did notice my skin looking abit dry from rubbing at it so I would highly suggest applying a moisturizer every day that you use it. 

After using this for just over a week or so I can't say it has removed any cellulite (it still dimples when I squidge my skin together). However like the Sit Tight cream it has reduced that appearance of bumpy skin from smoothing out the top layer of skin

So would I recommend this? Yes and No... for the price it is pretty good and will help maybe 30% with the appearance cellulite unless you have quite deep dimply cellulite
Also it's good if you don't want to be applying a cream or gel everyday and waiting for it to dry and also the product will never run out! 
As to why I wouldn't recommend it - The mild pain does get abit tedious.. and I did start to think "so what if I have abit of cellulite" as I knew I couldn't keep this up day in day out. 
However for holidays this would be great, if you can be bothered doing it that is! It would also be great if you have a fake tan as unlike scrubs or body brushing it won't cause your tan to become patchy! 

All in all for £2.5o it is pretty good..but it is no miracle cure. 

But I'm really starting to think there isn't anything out there that can cure cellulite other than a very healthy diet...which means no coffee, alcohol, cheese or red meat and I don't think I could ever do that! 



  1. My friend switched to decaf coffee and tea and said it made a world of difference with her cellulite. There have been many studies that prove this, and also many studies showing that by not consuming caffeine but using it on the skin (grind up some coffee and use it as an exfoliator - yes very messy), your cellulite should diminish. Maybe you should give it a whirl? I never bothered because I've never checked if I have any.

  2. Considering it's so cheap i might give it a go :)
    great review!

  3. I was pretty sure that cellulite is a natural thing that occurs that you can't really control. I think the best "medicine" for it is exercise though, not creams. Exfoliating will help skin look its best but I doubt it penetrates deeply enough to do any real corrective measures.

  4. When I first saw that top picture, my immediate thought was that it looked like little modern chairs! Haha! But as to the topic at hand, my cellulite and I have bonded something fierce over the years, so I'm pretty sure it'd take an act of god to get rid of it at this point. Poo, but true! Great review, though! :)

  5. wierrdd they look like little teeth!
    Glad it does work a bit though!

  6. @Sanny - Well I don't actually drink tea or coffee but I do drink fizzy drinks now and again! ops..but I doubt cutting down would help.
    But the grinded up coffee sounds interesting and like you say messy! But maybe using it in the shower without the shower on wouldn't be too bad! ha I may have to try it.
    Thanks for the advice :)

    @Jeweled Thumb - Oh yes I think cellulite can only really be properly treated by a good diet and exercise..but even then the evil demon can come back with afew cups of coffee and alcohol a week!
    I quite like trying out different methods to help reduce the look of cellulite though and some do make the skin look sofer and plumped up. Also fake tan does wonders!

    @Mim Claire - ha yes it does look like modern chairs doesn't it!
    I think some people are just sadly prone to cellulite and it's something that can get worse and worse over afew years! I have to say I have only started seeing mine in the last 2 years or so!
    But like I said it the above comment..fake tan really does make it look alot better if you do want to bare the legs in summer!

  7. Yawh there's no such thing as a miracle cellulite cure*sigh* but great review though! Hugs:-)

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