Calypso Dry Oil SPF 30 - A Perfect Suncream

In a post last week I wrote about different suncreams and mentioned how I use to use Calypso Dry Oil SPF 30 and loved it so much however I hadn't found it anywhere for months and months. 
However I got lots of lovely comments telling me where I could find it on and offline. So on the lovely Primp and Preen's recommendation I headed down to Bodycare and there sat on the shelf next to the stupid Carrot Oil with an SPF of 2...I found it! 

Priced at a reasonable £3.99 I grabbed two bottles. 
As it was really hot that day I decided to apply some over my other tacky suncream while waiting for my Penne Alla Panna to arrive...yes I actually quickly applied some to my arm in a was only lunchtime though!
Even ontop of my original quite sticky suncream it soaked into my skin within seconds like I remembered.

Anyway here is the proof - ofcourse applied to naked skin. It literally sprays on clear and you only need to rub it for 5 seconds at the most!

Non-greasy, non-sticky, non-suncream like formula and it's even water resistant...this is basically not like any other suncream! It is so easy to apply and it doesn't make you look white! 

It also can be applied to the face as it is not greasy unlike some other oil slick suncreams I have tried in the past...Piz Buin does come to mind..ok for the body but awful once applied to the face. Applying makeup over the top was just a nightmare. 
I tend to just apply 3 to 5 sprays of the dry oil to my face then rub it in and then dust some translucent powder over my anywhere that looks abit shiny before I start to apply my foundation or tinted moisturizer.

It's also great for applying to the feet,ears and hair parting...basically everywhere that suncream it hard to apply! 

It really is the best sun protection I have ever used! I promise you won't be let down if you try it. Now that is abit of a bold claim, but I know it's that great. 


  1. Yay! Glad you got sorted with it and thanks for the mention, I love Bodycare! We've got a load of Malibu and Calypso suncream for our holidays from their- total bargain.

  2. Sounds fab, I hate thick sticky suncreams so I'll definitely have to try this out x

  3. I bought this on your recommendation from ebay, it arrived today and I love it! good value and so much nicer to apply than a cream....:)

  4. Oh now this really appeals to me. Thanks!

  5. I love dry oil sprays as an alternative to body cream, I find they sink in much more easily and quickly, so I can understand why you would like this so much, I just never knew you could get high SPF oil protection, normally they're for basting and roasting in the sun! Really need to check this out, thanks for the post! (but my favourite for the last 3 years has been the Ultrasun once a day, which is amazing)

  6. I've never tried this but your not the only person i've heard rave about this - off to bodycare tomorro :)

  7. wow will defo be getting some of that, great review thanks x

  8. Thank so much for this brilliant tip! I have 2 kids and its so much easier to use a spray than a cream when all they want to do is escape! I did have the Ambre Solaire Clear Protect but stopped using it because it smelt so chemically toxic - revolting stuff. I'll definitely be giving this a go. :)

  9. Oh thanks for this. Will have to give this a go!

    Thank u xx

  10. This product looks good, thanks for reviewing this.. now I just have to find it in California!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  11. I love your posts! they are really honest and i learn a lot from them :)

  12. Great feedback on the Calypso Dry Oils! Check out the facebook page at

    THANK YOU!!!

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