A None Haul - Makeup Haul!

To be honest I never planned on doing a 'Haul' mainly because I dislike the word haul! I could never imagine ever saying the word out loud, it's just not in my vocabulary. 
However I do know alot of people do like to be nosey, including myself! 

From the top ; 
Barry M Blusher in Terracotta -  I bought this think I could use it as a bronzer however it is quite pinky, so I am only using it on the tops of my cheeks. 

No7 Lip Brush - I purchased this with a £5 off voucher so it was only £2 .. but as you can see in the picture below I am using it as a small concealer brush mainly for under my eyes. It really works wonders...and while I am talking about concealer I also purchased..

No7 Quick Cover Blemish Stick in Fair 03 - I read so many good reviews on this and needed a more opaque concealer and this really fits the bill. I have tried there Calm & Conceal dual ended stick in the past and it is just too thin. Also the spot treatment is just very weak. However the Blemish Stick really makes up for it! 

Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara - With over 76 reviews on the Boots website I purchased the pricey £10.99 mascara thinking it must be good. I am sure it is if you aren't a contact lense wearer. My first attempt at wearing this was a total disaster, the Nylon fibres in the mascara instantly went under my contact lenses making my eyes sore and blood shot within seconds! and ofcourse with no ingredients on the mascara I had no clue about this until I used it. This is sadly going in the bin all £11 of it!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Coral Reef - Really love this, it is perfect for summer and is really pigmented and not too sticky!

Barry M Lip Paint in umm... I forgot? - It may be called Coral Reef...well anyways it is a coral shade which I have been using under the Revlon Coral Reef lipgloss which makes the lipgloss last alot longer! It's also great on it's own though and doesn't dry out the lips. 

Last but not least is the Sleek i divine Storm Palette - I am sure most of you own this one as it's mostly neutral shades. Really love the 3rd one in on the top row. They really need to start being more creative though and naming the shades! Really worth £6. 

This has to be one of my most favourite things I have bought this month it is the Marian Newman Inkredible Nail Colour Kits in Gold Leaf and it's on sale at ASOS at the moment for only £5.50 from £21! The idea is the main pen is water based so you can apply it really fast and make a mess if you so wish, then you paint the 2nd pen 'Wrapture' over it which is just a clear polish. Then you simply just wash your hands and the nail polish that is on the skin will wash off, leaving you with really neat nails! The only down side is the wrapture pen is quite gloopy, so I have opted to use just a normal clear nail polish. 
These are really amazing...I am sure I will write a post on them soon.

No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser  - I was in two minds whether to purchase the No7 cleanser or Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish...however the Liz Earle product isn't really available in most department stores so I decided to purchase the No7 cleanser and I am really glad I did. Not only is the packaging abit more sleeker but it is that bit cheaper plus there is more product compared to the Cleanse & Polish. 
There is something quite satisfying about using the cream cleanser to remove a face full of makeup then seeing it all on the muslim cloth. It also leaves the skin really soft and very clean. 

If you follow me on twitter @Makeup_Savvy you will probably have already read me raving about this. It's the D&G Fragrance Collection Giftset, which is basically 20ml versions of there new fragrances. Just one of there 100ml bottles retails for £30 and I purchased this for £31 and I am really glad I did. You really get to test each one out and they are perfect for on the go or for travelling. My favourites so far are no.3 and no.10. It also came with a lovely little white leather makeup clutch thang...! 

If you are wondering the picture behind the fragrances is a print by Belle & Boo. 

Finally I splashed out abit and bought the Babylis Pro Conical Wand in the largest size 32-19mm. You know the one...with the funky 3 fingered gloves that don't really help. So far I am just getting use to it..mainly because it is a tad bit scary, it's like a barrel of heat very near your arm/wrist! It is very simple to use though and very lightweight, unlike my huge hair dryer which I seem to hit myself with when drying my hair. 

So that is it...this post took alot longer than expected so you may not see another for awhile! Well you may see smaller ones from now on.


  1. I love the hot cloth cleanser, it removes make up so well and its such a bargain with the voucher. That Revlon lipgloss looks so nice and summery x

  2. oo I have a few of the Marian Newman kits and I have the same problem with the wrapature I'll definitely try it with another top coat x

  3. Fabulous post :) - Really detailed and informative..

    The Revlon lipgloss looks gorgeous, I just bought the Number 7 one which looks to be a similar colour :)

    Have been meaning to try one of the conical wands, I normally just use my GHD's but would be fab if you could do a post in a couple of weeks time with what you make of it!

    Thanks for posting :)



  4. the lipgloss looks gorgeous! what number is the barrym lippaint? (:,X

  5. I hate the word 'haul' too, but I can never think of an alternative! I'm a contact lens wearer, and the non-waterproof version of Max Factor false lash mascara is fine with my eyes, what a shame you can't use the waterproof one. x

  6. The Revlon Coral Reef Lipgloss and the No7 Hot cloth cleanser are two of my favourite things I have bought in May, Im loving them both!....Was going to get the No7 lipbrush as decided it looked a bit bigger than some others, any reason your using it as a concelaer brush? be good to know what you think?...x

  7. Wow the Revlon lipgloss looks gorgeous!

  8. @emmalou - The Hot Cloth Cleanser is great isn't it.

    As for the reason I got the lip brush to use as a concealer brush is mainly because all my concealer brushes are too big for small blemishes.
    It's also perfect to use the tip on the outside corner of the eyes to brighten them.
    It also doesn't make the conceal go on cakey!


  9. @Holly - I had a look it's Coral 53.
    I wish they would include the name on the packaging!


  10. great haul! I really wana try the revlon lippies now :)

  11. Hey I love your blog so much I've nominated you for a blog award

  12. sleek storm palette and no 7 lip brushes are my favourite this month too~

  13. i wish i hv sleek i divine pallete !
    great hauls.. i love no.7 !

  14. Oooh I have the sleek storm palette too and it's lovely so many usable colours :) and that conical wand is calling meeee <3

  15. Yes I too wear contact lenses and uses the non-waterproof version of False Lash Effect and love it.

    Great haul, think I'm going to have to invest in the Hot Cloth Cloth, I saw it but was always a bit ho-hum about purchasing as I use the No7 Balanced Results Cleanser/Toner/Moisturisers and love them.


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