NOTD - Nude Hologram Hexograms

I feel like I haven't done a NOTD in quite awhile and that is probably because I haven't! As you can see in the picture above my nails aren't looking the best, especially my index and middle finger as I trapped both nails in the freezer door last week! So they aren't looking there best, so I thought I would use two polishes to distract from the horrible ridges etc. 

I basically applied two coats of Eyeko Nude Polish which I have to say applies really well for the price. Then just one coat of Barry M Hologram Hexogram...

... (as it is quite a thick formula) which is perfect for putting over any polish and is great for toenails. I am not sure why but it just looks good! 

It isn't that summery but I just wanted something that wouldn't stain my nails orange like a certain Nails Inc polish did last week and just something to cover my traumatised nails!


  1. I think I would like to see more glitters...

  2. @Olivia -

    More glitter on my nails? Or just more glittery nail polish in general?


  3. I really like this!
    glitter + nude = pretty :)

  4. I love polishes with "oddly" shaped glitter or rather unusual glitter. I should try the one I have over nude. I usually use it over black or deeper colors, purples, reds, etc.

  5. Why did I never know about Barry M's Hologram Hexogram before? I love it!! xx

  6. loving the unusual nude/glitter combo.
    I've never noticed that Barry M polish either!

  7. Hullo! I nominated you for a blog award :-)


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