Lisa Eldridge's Travel Kit

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I thought I would post this article that is featured in the July issue of Elle as I know I have quite afew international readers that really like Lisa Eldridge and as it is in the UK version of Elle they wouldn't normally get the chance to see it. Also it's just for anyone that doesn't read Elle. 

1 - Nail Colour in (from top) Heiress, Some Like it Hot and Notorious, £11 each, by Leighton Denny
2&3 - Eyeshadow Brush, £15, and Liner Brush, £8, by Daniel Sandler
4 - Eyelash separator, £4.99, by Savvylash
5 - Lipstick in Strawberry Suede, £7.29 each, by Revlon
6 - Photo Reverse, £49, by Institut Estherderm
7 - File, £3.25, by Leighton Denny
8 - Buffer, £3.29(part of set), by No 7
9 - Cream Shadow in Chrome Patina, £16, by Bobbi Brown 
10 - Vanity Case, £410, by Erdem for Globe-Trotter
11 - Brush Set, £3.99, by NYC Cosmetics
12 - Mega-Mushroom Body Cream, £36, by Dr Andrew Weil for Origins
13 - Cotton-wool pads, £1.60 for 100, by Boots
14 - Advanced Eye Treatment Film, £45, by SKII

15 -Serums, £60(part of set), by Alpha-H
16 - Make-up bag, £70, by Mulberry
17 - Eau de Beaute Beauty Elixir,£11, by Caudalie
18 & 19 - Leave-in Conditioner, £19, and Pre-Style Protectant, £20.50, by Frederic Fakkai

I love travel sized products, so I would love to know what  your favourite handbag sized products are or in-flights must-haves.



  1. I love travel size spray deoderants and travel sized dry shampoo - always have one of each in my bag anyway just in case :)

  2. @Emily - In summer both of them minis are definately needed! I actually used dry shampoo on my feet so they don't get sweaty and rub!


  3. I love every travel size I can find in Italy ( not so many)..
    But my favourite ones are the makeup and cosmtics try me size: you can try everything that you want for a decent amount of time without spending too much.
    My dream is that any brand in the world starts to make try me/ travel kit of everythig ;)

  4. I tagged you in a blog love award :-)

  5. @Olivia

    Oh that would be sooo good, just popping into didn't shops and buying cheaper sample sizes.
    It really would make sense.

    I have to say I love mini perfumes like are like 5ml, they are perfect for in your bag.

    Fee x


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