NOTD - Nail Inc Beach

Thought I would do a quick NOTD, it isn't anything special or even neatly applied because I have barely had the energy to wash my hair with being ill, let alone paint my nails. 

Anyways badly applied or not, the polish goes on well however it chips very easily and doesn't last more than 2 days. 
I know this is one of the free nail polishes that came with Instyle magazine but I do find this with other Nail Inc nail polishes. They aren't great for not chipping at the tips of the nails. 

But I will use it/put up with it because it is a lovely colour, very summery and perfect with a tan, from a bottle ofcourse. 

Another thing that I dislike about Nail Inc while I am being picky is there packaging....

The top of the nail polishes is supposed to look as if it is metal, when it is in fact plastic...which is fine! But within days of owning numerous bottles by Nail Inc the edge of the top seems to look quite tatty and rough. The top also doesn't lie flat with the nail polish bottle as you can see in the image above, so you think you have put it on wrong, but ofcourse you haven't. It's just the badly designed top.

It isn't a big thing...but then again maybe it is when you are paying £10.50 a bottle?


  1. It seems I would be wise to stick to my £1.50 George@Asda nail varnishes! Honestly the best ones I use.. :)

  2. I got this one too with a copy of InStyle and I hate it!
    I've never been a big fan of Nails Inc. nailpolishes and this one just confirmed why.
    I took it off after a day because I couldn't stand the chipping.


  3. I noticed that my nails inc bottle was dodgy too, but I think it may just be the free ones. I'm probably the only person who actually buys nails inc polishes but im sure the ones i bought last quite well, one managed a week and i dont notice them to be any worse than other polishes xxx

  4. I'm the same as Lydia and presumed the poor quality lids were due to them being 'free gifts'. I've only ever had one and agree that the lids look naff and scruffy. I've never felt tempted to buy an Nails Inc though I have several OPI polishes and find they don't last well either. Thank goodness they were ebay cheapies!

  5. Yes, I've noticed the scruffiness of nail inc bottle too :( I have a few free ones and some that I've bought and the same thing happens to all of them.

  6. Yep, the plastic-coated tops go all wrinkly and horrible. Also the cap is way too big for my pudgy digits. Butter London and Chanel have large caps but these are removed to reveal a manageable brush.

    Nails Inc do some good colours but they are over-priced.

  7. I get opver a week of wear with Nails Inc as long as I used base and top coat, and that is pretty much with every other brand I wear (opi, butter london, bb couture, china glaze, etc). I'm a fitness instructor and I also work at Ikea, so it's not that I don't use my hands. I believe base and top coat have a lot to say when it comes about chipping. besides when using TC, the top coat is the first thing to chip, protecting the polish. Just a thought.


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