Blogger Interviews - Nil Erturk

I am sadly coming to the end of my Blogger Interview series and I have to say I have really enjoyed doing it and hopefully some of you have found it interesting. 

So onto my last interview which is with the ever so stylish Nil Erturk who writes a fashion & lifestyle blog which mainly consists of Outfits of the Day and fashion inspiration. Nil really does have an incredible sense of style and a huge wardrobe! 
 Her blog really have taught me to be that bit more daring with my own wardrobe. So last but definately not least here is my beauty interview with Nil.

What are you essential cosmetics?
Concealer, Blush and Mascara. I also use bepanthene balsam for my lips

What beauty products do you keep in your bag/purse?
Hand creme, lipstick and the nailpolish I have that day

Which skincare products do you swear by?
I use bepanthol lotion on my body but I still couldn't find the perfect match for my face

What is your signature fragrance?

How do you pamper yourself?
I buy new lipsticks or nailpolishes to myself.
Which women inspire you?
Women who always look their best in every condition. Whether they wear make-up or not, high heels or sneakers if a women can look sexy no matter what, that is inspiring!

What are the most re-purchased items in your makeup bag/collection?
Black eyeliner, black mascara and concealer.

If you want to read any past beauty interviews just click here.


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