Babyliss Pro Conical Wand

Let me first say the image above is what my hair looked like 24 hours after I used the Babyliss Conical Wand. I had got caught in the rain and slept on it all night, yet still my hair kept the loose curls. For this fact only I am totally sold on this product. 

My hair is quite long and the longer it gets the straighter it is. It sounds good, but actually it kind of just 'hangs' there looking abit limp, so I either tie it up into a bun ontop of my head and look like an extra from the King & I. Or I burn the hell out of it till it is poker straight and looking more sleek. 

So when the Babyliss Conical Wand came into my life (courtesy of some birthday money) I was just excited to try something new. However if I am honest it did take me a full week to try it out, as I kept thinking how hot it would be and I didn't like the idea of burning myself too much! 

So eventually I unboxed the 'Wand of Heat' and not to my surprise the heat protective gloves were rubbish. However the one thing that did surprise me was the weight of the wand itself. It is VERY lightweight, which does help when you have to hold it over your head for 10secs +.

As for temperature I set it to 19 out of a possible 25 as like I say I kept having visions of me burning my wrist on it or dropping it on my feet!
Anyways within 15 minutes I had curled my whole head without burning myself once! I then added some Naked Style Extra Shiny Finishing Serum through the length of my hair, which helped to define the loose curls and to tame any split ends. 

For my first attempt at using the wand I was quite impressed with the outcome. This really is what curls should look like. Bouncy and loose. More Olivia Palermo than Bette Midler.

Overall I do think I will get more speedy with practice, however it is very easy to use. It is actually just as easy as straightening your hair! I also love that the curl actually stays a curl and doesn't turn into one frizzy mess the second you leave the house. Also something that I think is worth a mention is that to keep it looking neat and a perfect through the day I just ran my fingers through my hair which separated all the curls.

I do think this is abit of a premature review of it (however I am sure my views won't change) so I will write an updated post on it in a month or so with more pictures. 

Update - I forgot to add that I bought the wand from UK hairdressers here
for £23 including delivery. This is the cheapest I could find them for.



  1. I've just done a post on these but I have the other curling wand. They're very impressive aren't they?!
    My hair was pretty much the same in the morning, still wavy.
    I love them!

  2. Oooh i really want one of these now!
    You have gorgeous hair miss! x

  3. wow thats amazing.
    you hair looks beautiful.
    i need one! <3

  4. Your hair looks great. Been looking at these for a while - might pick one up

    L x

  5. it's soooo pretty, I'm so jealous, I chopped all my hair off last year :( slowly growing it back!

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  7. This looks fab I really want one of these wands :) Think I might have to treat my self and get this one as with my hair being so long it just never holds a curl, I totally agree with the hair just being straight and limp that is exactly what mine is like Thanks for the review :) Are you still loving this product months later?? :) x

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