Daniel Sandler Makeup Sample Swatches

After reading Lipglossiping's post on some Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush samples she ordered..I must say I was tempted to try them. As for only £2.95...or 4.45USD.. 3.47 euros (the price of the p&p) you receive 6 samples of your choice. Unfornately the Watercolour Blushes are only shipped to UK address'..however there are five other products to choose from if you do like outside of the UK. So it's not all bad.

So for that reason I decided to order two samples that are available internationally. I decided on Hide It - Under Eye Concealer in the lightest shade and the Perfect Canvas Foundation in Shade 02...so if you live outside of the UK, jump to the bottom of the post where there are swatches and abit of a review.

As for the fluid blushes I chose -

Gold Rush - The perfect golden highlighter for warm , dark, tanned and black skin tones.This is the obvoiusly the last swatch clockwise. As you can see my natural skintone could never be described as 'warm, dark or tanned' however I thought this would still be a good highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones. The swatch above it quite concentrated and to be honest I did find it quite watery and just very glittery. The more I blended it out the more the colour dissapeared and it just became glittery.

Truth - A barely there nude, peach shade with flattering highlights of peach and silver to brighten very fair skins. Will help disguise hot flushes. This is the top swatch in the image above. To be honest I quite liked this, it was subtle and did add abit of life to my cheeks while toning down any redness. But I wouldn't purchase it as it was nothing special really.

Cherub - There number one best seller. A delicate sheer, pastel pink that's perfect for fair to medium skin tones that want the daintiest, youthful flush of colour. This is the 2nd swatch clockwise. I can see why it is there best seller...though I can't agree that is sheer. This really does add a glow to the cheeks. Very pretty and would suit almost all skin tones.

Life - A delicate, fresh pink shade as fresh as the bloom on a baby's cheek. Wonderfully sheer with delicate highlights of shimmery pink making this perfect for any woman any skin tone. This was easily my favourite, it is like a toned down version of Cherub. It really gives your cheeks 'life' ..I must say I am very tempted to purchase this.
However it does state it is perfect for any skintone, again I really don't think it is. It is quite soft and light so I would say it wouldn't be that great if you have a very dark skintone.

So as the Life Watercolour Fluid Blush was my favourite out of the four samples I kept it on all day to test the staying power as it did state it was waterproof. At the end of the day after it had been on a total of 12 hrs it was definately still there but was looking abit softer and like I needed a 'touch up'. But that is pretty damn good really as it was quite warm and blushers do seem to fade out on me.

As for concealer and foundation I decided to try a sample of each.
I ordered a sample of Hide It - under eye concealer in there lightest shade and a sample of Perfect Canvas - liquid foundation in shade 02.

Even though these are two totally different products the colour difference is very noticable. I should of really ordered them in the same shade however the lightest shade of Perfect Canvas just seemed too light from there swatch online.

However I am still suprised at how dark the foundation is for being the second shade out of a range of twenty-one. I have swatched it below and as you can see it is way too dark for my own skintone.

On a more positive tone even though the under eye concealer was slightly too light, I really did like it. The product worked wondered and concealer the veins under my eyes perfectly. As it was a shade to light though, it brightened the area too much so shade 02 would be a perfect match.

Even though it is specifically for the under eye area I did try it on afew blemishes and it just didn't work at all. The texture of it on the rest of my face just seemed abit cakey, so it definately isn't a multi-tasker.

Overall I would definately recommend trying out the samples for only £2.95 as you may find a product you really love. Personally I am glad I ordered the samples and the Watercolour Blush in Life worked wondered against my skintone and lasted all day. I am also quite tempted with the under eye concealer as it really does give full coverage without looking cakey at all. Something that I have been looking for, for awhile now!

To have a look at the range of samples available just click here.

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