Birthday Wishlist

I thought I would show you all what I am looking forward to receiving for my 22nd birthday which is this Friday...and also because at ze moment I have no memory card, which sadly means no pictures! Except for the ones on my laptop. 

I know afew things my other half is getting some lovely YSL Babydoll perfume (as I have run out), which has a very sweet/spicy floral scent...and something I would only wear in spring/summer. I also know he has got me some cute little earrings from Disney Couture, they are from the Alice In Wonderland collection and are these tiny little clocks. 

For my birthday day we are just going to go to the Trafford Centre as we don't go all that often as it is so large and I always seem to spend way too much! 
Visiting Selfridges food hall is a must...the cakes there are the best...which we get boxed up and take over to Barton Square (which is the outdoor Interior shopping area) and we sit on a bench in front of the lovely fountain eating them in the sun!

Another must is going to TGI Friday's as if you sign up to there website you can pop in anytime around your birthday and have free cocktails for upto six people! And ofcourse I cannot forget to mention Space NK...which always seems to be empty but has the most loveliest brands, well you only need to visit there website to know that.

I am also tempted to buy the D&G Collection giftset - which includes 5 x 20ml fragrances from there new range, which I think is about £35 so I will have to go sniff it down. 

Also I really do want the Babyliss 19-32mm Conical Wand. They come with a heat mat and little glove thingys if you buy it from Look if I cannot find the actual set on Friday I will have to buy it online! As my hair is getting longer I do like to leave it down with abit of a messy curl to it and then two simples plaits pinned up on each the conical wand would be perfect for this.

Courtesy of my lovely boyfriend we are also going to see Marine & The Diamonds a week later and it is also my boyfriends 27th birthday so I may try my hand to baking him a chocolate cake! Which I am sure will be a complete failure.

I know this isn't my normal type of post - but hopefully once I receive my new memory card in the post in the next few days I will be able to do some reviews and maybe a favourites post.
Also I may do a haul type post...but that is a maybe! as I know quite alot of people dislike them for some reason.
So we will see...

Oh and by the way, the cake up there isn't actually mine, I really wish it was! - and it would definitely not have that measly thin slice cut out of it though. It would be more a quarter of the cake atleast! 


  1. Have fun seeing Marina lovely! Sounds like you're going to have a really nice Birthday :) xx

  2. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
    You got an award from me


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