UK Magazine freebies for May/June

One of the joys of Summer is magazine freebies - One size fits all flip-flops, Size 6 see-through vests and oversized beach bags. Some of the 'free gifts' aren't the best of quality. But I guess what can you expect when it is practically free. 

However over the past few years I have seen that afew magazine have really upped they game abit and have teamed up with companies that offer some really nice products. I am still not keen on the stiff-as-cardboard beach bags though. 

So here are afew magazine freebies I have noticed 
(I promise not to mention the free Nail Inc nail polishes with Instyle, I think we all know about them by now.)

With this week's Grazia magazine you receive a free voucher for Organic Surge Eye Gel.

In July's issue of Red magazine there is a choice of three lipgloss' by Jemma Kidd worth £14 (out June 2nd) 

Also in the July issue of Elle there is a choice of three summer bags by Reiss (also out June 2nd)

In the June issue of Marrie Claire there is a choice of three free Body Butters from The Body Shop worth £5 (however as a subscriber I failed to realize this until pg 236 of the magazine as subscribers don't get free gifts, ever)! 

In the July issue of Glamour magazine out June 10th there is a choice of 
Eye Bright, Bad Gal or It Stick jumbo pencils all by Benefit worth over £14 each


  1. What nice products! and for free how fabulous! I dont think we get a lot of those freebies in the states.


  2. lucky! here in canada (or at least in the greater vancouver area where i'm from), there are only very few freebies that come with magazines. and they're almost always not worth it. the lipgloss by jemma kidd sounds great!


  3. Oooh! Can you just tell me, Is the eye gel with the Grazia magazine, or do you have to take a coupon to the beauty counter? Just so i know if it's wirth bothering someone in the UK to get me one!! Thanks! xx

  4. That really annoys me about Marie Claire I am subby too and we get nothing :( July issue has free Cowshed shower gels I will definitely be trying to pick those up

  5. I love getting stuff with magazines!

    By the way, I've given you an award at

    Lisa x

  6. Hi sweetie,thanks for the heads up! I have tagged you to play a fun game over on My Passport to Style, I do hope you will join in the fun!Sharon xx

  7. @Lucie - It sadly is a coupon that you take into Boots.


  8. Boo! But that's what I thought.... I generally is th eway with Grazia freebies! I wish we had such amazing gifts with magazines in France, or when I'm over in the UK! xx

  9. obviously the same magazines give NOTHING in Italy! You're so lucky! I'd pick all the Jemma Kidd lipglosses and the Benefit products if I could...Italy sucks for these things! ahaha

  10. Will definately be keeping my eye out for July's Glamour!
    I think they gave away Bad Gal Lash a little while ago in a smaller size (I hope its the big size this time)

  11. Funny thing is that if you buy that same mag abroad, like here in Sweden, you pay more and get less, ie no freebie

  12. Do you remember the three keyrings freebies pink/purple in the past few months. Trying to track down the magazine, as would like to get them. Any ideas would be appreciated.


  13. @JER - I think I may know the ones you mean... maybe they came in Easy Living.
    I know they did a set of 3 free keyrings a month or so ago.

    Hope that helps.

    Fee x

  14. Hi Fee,
    thanks for this post some great freebies
    I subscribe to various magazines and not fair that we miss out on the freebies, just find them more convenient to do
    you have a great blog


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