Guest Review: Melvita - Hydrastim Moisturizing gel

A while ago I asked for a someone to review this product for me, as it is aimed at people with dry skin and I personally have quite an oily skin type. 

So here is a review of the product by Emma at Emma Lou Beauty News who has being trying out this product for over a month now.

First Impressions...
Packaging of this product is functional, nothing special to look at, but it’s a moisturiser, doesn’t really need to branch into the make up style of packaging!

I was sent a 50ml bottle which has a pump dispenser which is great, so much more hygienic than having to keep sticking your fingers into a tub of cream, and less wasteful.

The Claims…
“Provides long lasting moisture to dull and dehydrated skins and helps to reduce expression lines”

The Results...
I have used this product pretty much every day since I received it. At first I was dubious as it is marketed for dry skin, which I defiantly have, but when I applied the product it is a very thin gel consistency, I was worried it wouldn’t be very moisturising as I tend to use quite rich moisturising creams as anything else seems to just sink into my skin so quickly!...

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, on application the first thing you notice is the smell, and it’s divine!! It smells really fresh with lemon/grapefruit tones. This is marketed as Organic and it defiantly lives up to that from the scent alone. I started off using this in the morning and then applying my usual moisturiser over the top, as ( it recommends on the bottle) and then I used it in the evenings on its own after cleansing. It defiantly does not make your face feel dry or like you need more moisturisation, I just prefer a heavier moisturiser before foundation application, if you have an oily skin type you could probably get away with this on its own.

As for reducing expression lines, I think you would have to trial the product for a bit longer to make any definite claims on this. It has a plumping feel to it though after it is applied so I think I will carry on using it and see if there are any results re the lines…! Here’s hoping!

Overall I think this is a really nice product, especially if like me you have a drier skin and always tend to use heavy moisturisers, sometimes I feel like my skin is overloaded, and this gel was a pleasant change as it felt so light…… I’m not 100% sure on the price, looking on there website I believe it is in the £20 - £25 range not bad for the amount you get, I still have a good amount left. (Oh, one thing I would say re packaging is I prefer see through bottles, I like to know how much product I have used...Just a personal thing!)

Anyway thanks so much Fee for choosing me to review this product, I hope you like my findings.



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