Hair Remover Mitts

I thought these were worth a mention - I bought the Hair Remover Mitts from M&S for £1.00. The price was actually what first attracted me to them as if this product was any more than that I think I would of thought it was just a gimmick...I actually did walk past a similar hair removal mitt in Boots and it was priced at £6.99 but it was on an end display with other gimmicky products so I just walked past it.

I actually didn't have a clue what the mitts would be like, but I figured the mitt would use some type of friction to remove the hairs as on the back of the packet it advises you to rub the mitt in circular motions four times clock-wise and then four times anti-clock wise.

(Images - Taken by myself)

Here is a photo of the actual mitt - As soon as I opened the packet I figured out how the mitt was magically going to remove the hairs from my legs. Sandpaper! Obviously I am sure M&S would beg to differ with me here. However I know sandpaper when I see it. Of coarse it is very fine and wouldn't ever cause any damage but I am sure if you continuously rubbed this around on your legs they would become very dry.

However I was still willing to try it and I have to say it does actually work. I did have to use it more than the packet advised but it didn't hurt at all and my skin didn't react badly to it.
There are downsides to this product mainly the smell of the hairs being rubbed off - it's probably on the same level as most hair removal creams.
The other downside would be that I am more than sure that the mitt isn't ideal for any type of skin and I sure over use of the product would cause the skin to be inflamed or dry even if you did apply moisturizer afterwards.

Overall - The product does what it claims however this is by no means a replacement for shaving or hair remover cream. It really is more for maybe if you or running late or even umm camping? Not that I ever go camping. I would say you could use it upto once a week without irritation, anymore than that I am sure the signs that your using sandpaper on your legs would show!



  1. Honestly? They look deeply unpleasant. I'm not sure why as I have no problems exfoliating my legs but that just looks sore... x

  2. @Eyelining - I know what you mean, they do look deeply unpleasant and I was actually a bit wary about using it.
    However this is zero pain, but it is a bit odd rubbing off the hairs on your legs!


  3. Lol I have actually used mitt's that look identical this. I was camping and I was around 13 haha. I agree, they actually do work and you're right about the smell, if I remember rightly it was sort of a burnt plastic smell, kind of odd. xxx

  4. @mads - It is sort of a weird burnt plastic smell, I'm guessing this is because the friction is kind of 'burning' off the hairs! Not so great.


  5. Ouch ouch ouch! No thank you!

    I have super-sensitive skin and this is just making me cringe thinking about it! :(

  6. It looks ok, but over time I would say that using a perfumed moisturiser afterwards might make it sting a little bit? But if it gets rid of the hairs and not my skin I would be all for it! :)

  7. In fact I had heard a lot about this procedure, but was apprehensive about trying.

    Thanks for the review Fee. I don't think I would go for it though.

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