NOTD - M&S Electric Purple

This is the second nail polish that I have purchased from the M&S nail colour range which are all priced at £2.50. For some reason my camera wouldn't pick up the purple tones in the polish, however it really is more blue toned .

(Images - Taken by myself)

My nails actually only needed one coat and the consistency went on really well. It is also probably down to my nails being newly ridge-free from buffing. As for the chip-factor it 100% needs a top coat and also a base coat to prevent stained nails.

Overall this is a cheap, glossy, chic nail polish.


  1. These Polishes are really nice, I have the Lilac and the Light Pink they go on really well, and for £2.50 a bargain I think!!

  2. I can see that it does have a good color payoff for the price. :D

  3. I keep hearing about the M&S nail polishes, think I might need to be checking them out! x


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