Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

(Peony, rose and hip arrangement £35 from

Mother's Day is approaching and so I thought it would be nice to show a few gift ideas some beauty ideas and some unrelated gifts.

My all time favourite website for gifts is, they sell silk flower arrangements by mail and as you can see from the images they look amazingly real, the detail on each flower is so accurate, they also come with there vases already arranged which I love.

(Ivory and White bouquet with vase - £35)

(Ivory garden rose arrangement - £29)

Prices do really vary from as small as £15.00 for a small arrangement to £250.00 for large centrepiecies.
(Elemis exotic Lime & Ginger salt glow - £35 at Asos)

Salt Scrubs are another nice idea as a gift...they normally come in a large glass jar, smell divine and look lovely on the edge of the bath, also it is ideal for someone that isn't in there 20's anymore. It really does exfoliate the skin wonderfully and it that little bit harsher than normal body scrubs, however this won't break the bank or offend your poor mother like an anti-aging cream would!

For a cheaper option The Sanctuary do an amazing smelling salt scrub for £9.99 at Boots.

The Sanctuary also do really well priced gift sets that always contain a large selection of products, like this Spa Radiant Skin set for £15. This really would be perfect as a Mother's Day gift.

Really don't get me started on Dogeared - I really do love this jewelery line the range of necklaces come on the cards like above, all with different little saying and captions. There Karma gold dipped necklace is already on my birthday list. The pearls of beauty necklace above retails for £35.

This is more of an expensive gift starting at £40 for a 30ml spray however J'adore by Christian Dior is just one of them fragrances that leaves a lovely smell to the skin and is ideal so someone wanting something more mature that is suitable for daytime and evening use. I actually bought this for my own mum at Christmas.

(Pink Champagne Truffles by Charbonnel et Walker - £9)

I just had to include these, mainly for the price as you may be able to get Champagne truffles a bit cheaper than this but not much less and Charbonnel et Walker is quite a high end brand so there really is no compromise on quality and packaging.

(Pretty in Pink Goody Bag - Hotel Chocolat £18.00)

I couldn't write this post without mentioning Hotel Chocolat. Think a more chic version of Thorntons with an interesting twist and you will be half way there to what Hotel Chocolat is actually like. Any of there products make great gifts however they seem to excel at Easter and Mothers Day. They always have wonderful giftsets.
(Chocolate Hugs - Hotel Chocolat £25)

You could also make up your own giftset - I highly recommend the wonderfully detailed engraved chocolate hearts and there giant chocolate slabs especially the marbled praline slab.

I really hope you have enjoyed reading this post and hopefully if you haven't bought anything for Mothers day already, this will have given you some ideas.


  1. Nice ideas :)

    What would you suggest for a woman who: doesn't eat chocolate, can't use smellies/perfume, has more jewellery than she can shake a stick at & doesn't like flowers?

    Actually we're ok with my mum this year, as she's already requested we don't get her any presents, & we go out for lunch instead. Just wanted to give you an idea of how awkward she is!

  2. @Heartshapedbruise

    Your mum really does sound awkward!
    The going out for lunch seems a good option :)


  3. What fantastic ideas! Mother's Day isn't until May here in Canada, but my mother's birthday is coming soon. She loves makeup like I do, so same as last year we'll be going to MAC together and I'm treating her to whatever she wants. It's so much fun!

    Those silk flower arrangements are absolutely gorgeous. I want one for myself...

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