Guest Reviewer Needed - Closed

(Hydrastim Moisturizing Gel 50ml RRP £20.00)

I am looking for a UK based beauty blogger to review this product for me that has dry skin and suffers from redness to the face. As this isn't suitable for myself as I have oily/combination skin.

Here is the blurb about the product;

'Hydrastim provides lasting intensive miniaturization for dull and dehydrated skin, sealing in moisture and soothes redness. The light gel product plumps out surface lines and wrinkles reducing their appearance and smoothing the skin.

The moisturizing treatment, with its natural, subtle, lemony perfume, makes the complexion look more radiant, plumps out fine lines and provides comfort and softness.'

So if you think this product is for you, please leave me a comment below with your email address and also the address of your beauty blog.

I shall have a perusal over the blogs and will decide on the product reviewer on Monday 15th March and will create a post revealing the chosen reviewer.

Remember UK bloggers only, sorry.



  1. I would really like to do this :)

  2. Hey hun, I would like to do this. I have dry/combination skin. Get very dry around the nose/chin and forehead areas. Also have mild redness on my forehead and cheeks.

    my email:


  3. I'd like to do it, I have mega dry skin and it goes red from the central heating at the moment too!

    my email is

  4. Oooo yes please! My skin is always dry and red :( my email is emilybirkinshaw @ gmail dot com

    my blog is: xx

  5. Hi I would love to review this product, my skin is very dry and being older have the dreaded "fine lines" appeaing too....!....:0)

    My blog is

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