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(Colorsport Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit in Dark Brown - £7.49 Boots)

I couldn't decide whether of not to write a post on this product or not as I really have mixed feelings on it - sadly mainly negative.

I bought the Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit as I have very fair eyelashes and eyebrows so after reading over 20 positive reviews I decided to purchase the product. As you can see from the above photo, the kit comes with an 'applicator', a dye cream and developer liquid.

Before I explain the process I must stress that I did perform a skin test 48 hours prior to the application on the inside of my elbow.

First of all I really wasn't impressed with the applicator that supposedly doubles up as a mixing wand. When mixing the dye and the developer liquid I found using the applicator provided very difficult - the mixture just wouldn't bond together so I decided to use a small paintbrush which seemed to sort out the problem.

I also decided to use a clean mascara wand instead of the provided applicator to apply the dye to both my eyebrows and eyelashes.

(Final mixed dye mixture - enough for eyebrow application)

(Before application)

I decided to apply the dye to my brows first just to get a feel for how to apply it. I applied the dye quite easily and removed it 2 minutes later with damp cotton wool pads. The results were lighter than I had expected however I was pleased will the results.

I then applied the dye to my lashes with the mascara wand - however as the texture was so light in colour it was quite hard to see exactly which parts of my eyelashes I had done and if I had to applied the dye right to the base. This is were it all went down hill - After I had applied the dye to both the top and bottom lashes of my left eye my eye started to sting as obviously some of the dye had come into contact with my eyeball. However I ignored the stinging feeling and started on my right eye, which also did the same.
The stinging actually got worse to a point my nose started to run and my eyes went watery. The dye had only been on for 3 of the 10 minutes when I decided to wash it off. I really couldn't put up with stinging from the dye that had come into contact with my eye.

( After both applications - excuse the unplucked eyebrow)

This was the condition of my right eye after I had washed all the dye from my eyelashes - not pretty. Both eyes actually stayed bloodshot for at least 10 minutes however I must state they did not hurt after I had removed the dye.
I also must say I made sure I was more than careful when applying the dye and I could only put down the dye getting into my eye from it touching my waterline then traveling into my eye.

On a lighter note - As you can see from the before and after photos the kit successfully dyed my eyebrows. But that was it.

Update: Less than 10 hrs after applying the dye I actually experienced a weird sort of eye strain feeling when I looked left or right in both eyes. Which I took eye-drops and painkillers for. From doing some research I found out all eyelash tinting kits in the US are banned. I really feel this should be the case for this product in the UK.


  1. omg UGH. I can't believe that happened to you! Perhaps dying your eyebrows at a salon would be a better idea? Good thing that chemists invented mascara!

  2. Oh dear this is not good :(
    I don't really trust these kits and another blogger who used a similar thing to this got an eye infection from it :/
    Hope your eyes feel better soon xx

  3. @Tanya - I was actually thinking I hope I don't get an eye infection from it. My eyes are still sore and a bit bloodshot, it's been 2 days now :/


  4. Poor you! I doubt you want to touch the kit again but I used to be a beauty therapist and I used to cut half moon shapes from damp cotton wool and put these under the lower lashes. Then, the client would close their eyes and I'd apply the tint to the top lashes using an orange wood stick. This would cover both the top and bottom lashes but as the client's eyes were closed, the tint wouldn't get in. I tint my own eyelashes but if I hadn't done it before, I wouldn't attempt to do it myself as it's really fiddly and I think the kit instructions are usually rubbish, so you're brave! I hope this helps you a bit. It's not an easy thing you do x

  5. I recently tried an eyelash dye too, a differnt brand. I chose a blue black colour as I wanted to darken my blonde lashes. The stinging was so painful, I tried to leave it on for the 10 minutes but I couldn't. The results after that pain were disappointing and my eyes were bloodshot for most of the day!
    I think I will just stick to mascara from now on! x

  6. @Pyxiee

    Oh that doesn't sound good.
    I think I will also be sticking to mascara for awhile, then get them done professionally just before summer.

    Thanks for the comment x

  7. Oh my word!!! I use to work in a salon and the eye lash tinting kits are really dangerous. One girl at the salon didn't even like to do eyelashing tinting and she had the proper products. Also when you get them professionally done it usually only last a couple of weeks just a heads up. I know here in the states we have mascara that is different colors like blonde and it's just mascara but looks like lash tinting!


  8. Hi! Im a Beauty Therapy student and we do eyelash/brow tinting.
    We do it the way Pint Sized Confessions said, but we apply it with a brush not an orangewood stick.
    If your willing to get this done again, go to a salon as the results can be amazing, especially with someone like you that has a very light hair colour. It lasts around 6 weeks.

  9. Hi I have used this product several times in the past. I agree that the wand is a little fiddly but I have never had any eye problems with it. I have found in the past that the wand does not get quite as close into your eye as a mascara applicator does. This is perhaps part of your problem.

    I would say it is probably not suitable for sensitive skin.

    Hope your eyes are feeling better x

  10. I just used this a few weeks back as a I also have very blonde lashes and brows. I used the applicator with the kit. I found it really didn't do anything noticeable to my lashes but I really liked the effect on my brows. So I'll probably keep using it just for that as I hate my blonde brows.

    I used a Swissopar (?) kit in the past. It was more effective, only needed to be on for a minute and included half moons for under the eyes. But you had to be more careful not to get it on your skin.

  11. Well I used the black kit, A friend who is a beautician threaded my eyebrows and used this on my brows and lashes, it worked great, the real test was, was I, a novice able to do it myself? I have natrualy blonde hair, lashes and eyebrows, but I dye everything brown/ black , so I had a few blonde hairs poking though in my brows and I used this and it worked a treat, I had to be really careful with my eyes though but the end result looks great :)

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