ASOS to unveil new Ethical Section - The Green Room this Friday

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(Behind the scenes of the new Africa Collection photoshoot)

So my sources tell me Asos are to unveil there new ethical site area this Friday(26th Feb) which is a week befind schedule, but oh well, a girl can't have everything.

The new section of the site seems quite large by the sounds of it, which is aiming to bring the customer closer to the people that are behind the products.

The area of The Green Room that I am most excited about is Asos's Africa Brand that will bring more work to the people of Africa and Tanzania. Each garment that you purchase will arrive in it's own envelope - So that the trainee tailors have something to work on while they improve there skills.

The new site will also contain of social & environmentally aware brands such as Swedish Hasbeens and the hotly awaited collaboration of Emma Watson for the People Tree range.

There will also be a Beauty section which is already partly up on the main site that includes Young & Pure, Neal's Yard, Green & Spring and many more. All of the products on the new site will be environmentally friendly which I'm sure will make a lot of people happy.

Overall this is such a positive and exciting thing for Asos and it's customers, which I'm sure will go from strength to strength over the course of 2010.


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