2 Pink Nail Polishes, 2 Hands, 5 Days

Images - Taken by myself
(L-R; Nails inc. Shoreditch, Barry M Pink Flamingo)

So I decided to set myself a task of seeing which of my two favourite pink polishes had the best chip factor. Giving myself five days - which I thought was an okay amount of time but to be honest after the fourth day I was dying to remove them and paint my nails a different colour, however I stuck it out and here are the results with before and after pictures.


(Day 1 - Left hand; Two coats)

(Day 1 - Right hand; Two coats)

Day 1 - I made sure I painted my nails immaculately, leaving them to dry in between coats and on comparison after they had both set, Pink Flamingo did seem the shiniest of the two.

Day 3 - This is when I actually noticed a difference in both set of nails, they had both worn down at the tips. However Pink Flamingo was looking a bit shabby with marks in 4 out of the 5 nails.

Day 4 - Shoreditch was looking a lot less shiny by now and Pink Flamingo had got a small chip to the index finger nail and was looking a bit more marked than the previous day.

(Day five)

(Day five)

Day 5 - I could see the finish line however this was the worst day! My thumb and index finger in the Pink Flamingo kept getting caught when I was washed my hair, which it hadn't done on the other days. The pulling feeling while washing out my conditioner was annoying and also resulted in the nail polish actually chipping quite a bit.

The Winner
- It's quite clear from just the photos, it has to be Shoreditch and some may say that was already clear from the start as Nail Inc is a more expensive brand than Barry M. However it's not always a given I say.
I was probably most impressed with the shine of Shoreditch, even after 5 days it still looked good and I'm sure if I had touched it up it would of looked okay.
The thing I was least impressed with was how the Barry M polish had marks in it from day 2/3 which made it look old quite quickly.

All in all this hasn't taught me much, except that I should use Nail Inc more often. The other thing that it's taught me is never to leave on my nail varnish for this long!



  1. Nice colours, although i have to say as a manicurist by trade; everyone chips their right hand the most, so it might not be Barry M's fault! nails Inc polishes do stay on a long time generally though as well

  2. Loved this post! I would have never thought of doing that before! Neat experiment! Love both colors!

  3. really nice post!
    such a neat little experiment :)
    thank you!

  4. I don't think I'd manage to do this, 5 days is a long time lol Nails Inc Shoreditch looks lovely, not sure I own it but very tempted to get it xx

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