Superdrug to release £1 cosmetics line named MUA

Images - From Superdrug PR

Some exciting news for Makeup Savvy-istas. Make Up Academy or MUA is Superdrug's new £1 cosmetics line that will launch in April. As for a specific date I should hopefully know in a few days and shall put an update on this post with some more photos of the range!

For £1 the eyeshadows actually look nicely pigmented and come in a wide range of colours. As for the nail polishes the range looks abit bland if you ask me, however the green & red shades look the most interesting.
I'm quite excited that Superdrug has launched such a budget range - even if it's just to play about with and test out the colours. It's not exactly going to break the bank now is it?
If you are in the UK, are you looking forward to the new range? Do you think there is a gap in the High Street for such a budget line?



  1. Ok, I'm jealous! Those look pretty!

  2. Will be interesting to see what this stuff will be like.

  3. Ooooo see these look like they could be amazing, but as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating (or swatching as the case may be!)

  4. ooh looking forward to seeing what these are like :)

    nail colours do look a bit boring.. =/

    great blog.. plz check out mine new to bloggin :)

  5. Hiya! I've already seen some pics of this brand on Tanya's blog, but damn, those preview pics are seductive! Just another bargain, err, drugstore brand I can't obtain as I live in Germany. Thanks so much for making me depressed now. ;-) No, honestly, I'll start a blog appeal very soon to find some nice ladies from the UK who'd like to swap with me German drugstore cosmetics! :-)

  6. Hey honey following you now x - those nail polish bottles look like the ELF ones :) exciting launch can't wait to try some

  7. wow super cute and affordable :D

  8. Should be quite interesting to try. I do wonder if they launched it against poundland because they released a makeup range. Haven't tried it though/don't think i will.

    But they have got to live up to quality so i think it should be quite good.

  9. I love this range!!! The eyeshadow stays on for hours, the lip glosses are light and colours are just perfect! I'm yet to try the nail varnish as yet but should they be anything like the make-up woooooohooo they'd be awesome


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