eBay Bargains #50 - Fashion Edition

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 Chanel Boy Bag Dupe - £8.59 HERE 
I don't know about you but I don't have £3-4k to drop on a handbag... and even if I did, it would certainly be going on multiple holidays! But that doesn't stop me drooling over pretty bags and the Chanel Boy bag is one of them. However I've found a pretty amazing dupe for under £10! The hardware is still that striking gunmetal and the bag is matte faux leather. A total steal! Available in black and beige. 

Rose Gold Pineapple Necklace - 99p HERE 
As a blogger I instantly love all things rose gold and pineapples - it's as simple as that... just don't ask me why (because I don't know!). So this lovely necklace combines the two and I LOVE it. And it's cheaper than Primark! Available in rose gold, silver and gold.  

Knotted Bangle - £1.05 HERE
A simple bangle here that caught my eye. I love the simplicity of it and that it kind of looks more like a pretzel than a knot, mmmmm. Available in gold, silver and black.  

Vibe With Me T-Shirt - £4.64 HERE 
I love all t-shirts with modern calligraphy fonts and current slogans to them but they are hard to get hold of. But I've found a bargain tee here that's perfect for summer over jeans or denim shorts. Plus it comes in a wide range of sizes. Sizes S-XL 

Detachable Fake Shirt Collars - £3.99 HERE
Totally loving this find as I've never thought to look for unique fake shirt collars before... and this listing has so many of them! Very much a fan of the above swan collar and a unique toucan one in the listing! Available in 15 styles. 

Kate Spade Dupe Watch - £2.20 HERE 
This is a watch I already own (you can see my review of it here) and for the price I'm very impressed with. I love the slogan to the face and rose gold metal. In fact this is one of my most favourite eBay buys I'd say. Available in 4 colours. 

Dior Dupe Mirrored Sunglasses - £3.25 HERE 
Dupe sunglasses are everywhere right now but these mirrored beauties seem to be constantly sold out on various websites and around the £10+ mark. I've picked up quite a few pairs of sunglasses from eBay now and have been impressed with them all, so I know I will be getting these for an upcoming holiday. Available in 6 colours. 

Holographic Striped Trainers - £12.48 HERE 
These are basically superstar style trainers meets mermaid... and I love them! I owned a pair of Superstar trainers many moons ago in my teens and I constantly wore them. But now with a much higher price tag I think I will be going for this bargain pair! Sizes 3-11 in 4 colours. 

I fancied trying a different eBay Bargains post this week so let me know if you liked it! 

Of course more makeup brushes and beauty finds to come next week.

Fee xo. 

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