8 March 2011

New Discoveries...

Last week felt like a week of all different discoveries... some beauty related, some not so. 
But as I've discovered so many things I felt like I needed to document them all! 
  • Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner (£5.99 Boots) - so far the best high street gel liner I have found. Totally opaque and lasts all day. 
  • Re-discovering Marie Claire - I bought this month's issue for the free Cowshed Body Lotion, but actually it's reminded me how good Marie Claire is for articles and wearable fashion. 
  • The best green concealer - Biotherm SOS Anti-Redness Flash Corrector (£13 for 15ml Beauty Expert) stupidly priced for such a small amount... but then you only need the tiniest of amounts and it does really counteract the redness around my nose.
  • That the new Naked Skin Cream Cleanser just isn't great for my oily skin and has resulted in spotty cheeks, which leads me onto...

  • HRI Clear Complexion Tablets - I've never tried anything like this before but at £3.65 for 25 days worth it is definitely worth a try to clear up some of my lovely new spots. 
  • Air Boost Bras (£8.00 Tesco) - 3 words... Instant boob job! 
  • Also discovered the wonder that is BB Cream  - Shills Super Magic BB cream to be precise. SPF 50, really lightweight, good coverage and just all round great! Though I'm going to try the oil control version as I know in summer I will need it! Why we don't have BB Creams in the UK is beyond me.
  • Square nails and contact lenses just don't mix - it's now so much harder to remove them at night that I may have to sadly convert back to rounded nails! 
  • I recently found out from someone at the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) that they are currently reviewing the whole area of mascara advertising due to the recent amount of complaints, so lets hope we see more stricter regulations in place soon!

Last but not least... I have recently realized that generosity really still does exist! This has been down four lovely people  - Lucy from Lucy Duckett, Zara from Mouldy Fruit, Annabella from Skin Scrubs and a lovely reader named Alice. All so so generous and kind.

Oh, and Happy Pancake Day. Make sure to try one with Giant Buttons or Nutella in the middle... A-mazing!



  1. hooray for the ASA reviewing them, it's a real shame that so many products need little airbrushing, fake eyelashes and camera tricks; they should be good enough not to need trickery.


  2. Great post Fee, hopefully the ASA will put the foot down and get rid of all the totally misleading mascara advertising x

  3. I really want to try a BB cream. They sound like miracle products!

  4. I've never heard of those Clear Complexion pills or the Instant boob job... Gosh, if only they perform half as expected, they're definitely worth a try!


  5. although bb cream has lots of 'wow' factors, there have been lots of bad reports about this in asia, due to fact that there were lots of companies producing them and making false statements as well as too much heavy metal inside.
    However, as Estee Launder, Dior and Bobbi Brown are coming out new bb cream in Japan, I can't wait to see them too! [p.s. Lancome has come out theirs, as well as high street brand, Revlon]

  6. What exactly is BB cream? Is it a tinted moisturiser, or a foundation? I really want to try it because I've seen so many people raving about it, but I don't know whether it'll give the coverage I'm looking for (usually a medium-full coverage foundation)

  7. That's so good to hear about the ASA, I can never get my head around why the put lash inserts on in adverts, totally turns me off buying the mascara.


  8. i made one with giant buttons in the middle! :)

  9. ooh sounds lovely where did you get the BB cream from? x


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