Christmas Gifts...


 I've had a really lovely Christmas...slightly chaotic, but still lovely none the less! 
As today is the first day I've not had to do anything I'm classing it as my Boxing Day (even though that was yesterday) and so I'm actually blogging from bed (I have actually got up today eat chocolates)! 

So I thought I'd write a nice, simple rambly type of post about what I received! 
I wish I could include the presents I hated in here for comedy value or even just mention them, but I can't bare to think anyone I know may read this and spot there hideous gifts. 
But lets just say I got some rather slinky micro fibre trouser socks....

Anyway, onto what I got! As you can see I got quite a bit of perfume, all from my boyfriend! My favourite being Eau de Star by Thierry Mugler...some say it's a watered down version of Angel but I actually love it alot more than Angel. It's got strong notes of both Vanilla and's sweet and strong, which I love! 
I also got Guarlian I love the smell of parma violet sweets and a huge 100ml Eau de parfum sized Juicy Couture in a gift set! 

I also received such a lovely Guess watch from my boyfriend...that I didn't even mentioned I liked/wanted! So I was quite impressed. 
Toy watch style but abit more glitzy and fun for everyday.

I of course got quite afew beauty products - including alot of nail polish. I was abit awkward and asked for the Red Shimmers O.P.I Burlesque mini set...which isn't on any UK website to my knowledge unlike the Little Teaser set. So I was really pleased to receive it! 

I was also given a gorgeous lipstick crayon in Blush by Lord & Berry...which has left me wanting the whole range now, from my Grandad of all people! 

Clothing/accessories wise I didn't get too much - except for a lovely stag jumper dress that I wore on Christmas day and a huge Calvin Klein snood
Also some comfy Ugg slippers for the house and a nice new dressing gown to encourage more lounging about! 

Back to beauty! I also received a gift voucher for Debenhams (which I will have to spend in the sale I think!) Plus a lovely YSL Amazing Eyes gift set that included a thin Easy Liner in black and the iconic Faux Cils mascara that I more than love (clever boyfriend)! 

I also received some lovely O.P.I polishes from my sister that I don't already own.

As for books - I got Eat, Pray, Love and the huge new Nigella Lawson Kitchen book that I've had my eye on for awhile. There really are some amazing recipes in there...however I will be avoid anything that includes baking as I'm shockingly bad at making cakes or anything sweet and sticking to the savoury dishes. 

Last but not least I received some highstreet makeup  - A lovely highlighter from the Famous Sue Moxley range that I wanted and an eye palette. Plus two great hi-tech lip tints from Bourjois that are perfect as cheek stains. 

I could ramble on more but I think you may just be getting sick of seeing all my presents now! 
Would love to hear about what you all received or links to posts.  

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. 

Fee x 

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  1. Wow you got some lovely gifts! :) Your watch is gorgeous!
    And your nails are so pretty! What's the glitter OPI polish called? ^^

  2. @Vanity-Fashionista - Thanks...I really did get some amazing gifts!

    As for the glitter O.P.I polish it's Bring on the Bling.

    Fee x

  3. Lucky you! Nice pressies there. I've posted a few of mine up today...I never usually leave links in comments because I don't want to spam but you did ask :-) Merry Christmas!

  4. many great items. glad you had a great christmas

  5. @Ash-Lilly - Thanks for leaving the link, really love the look of the Nail Inc set and that storage is definitely something I will be needing soon!

    Happy Christmas ;) x

    @FunnyFaceBeauty - Thanks...hope you had a lovely Christmas also! x

  6. You got a lovely bunch of prezzies! I love them.. I really want Nigellas book! Now that you said it's good I'm gonna get my hands on it! I'm looking forward to a few NOTD's from you with these new nail polishes you got! :D
    I just posted my xmas presents post :) xxx

  7. Looks like you had some lovely pressies :)

  8. Lovely presents! I would love to try Faux Cils mascara =D

  9. lovely presents! i especially like the watch :).

    glad to hear you had an awesome Christmas, fee!

  10. I really want that Juicy Couture perfume - so jealous! x

  11. great presents. I really want to have a sniff of the perfumes you were given xx

  12. @LipglossAndLeopardPrint - It is really one of her best cookbooks yet - so many recipes & quite normal (but interesting) food.
    Shall have to check your post out ;)

    @BowsAndButterflies - I really did, so many lovely things to try out :) Thanks for the comment.

    @Gaby - I actually wondered if it would live upto all the reviews and it really does - seriously creates that false eyelash look! I'd actually say it was worth the price.

    @Dani - Thanks...the watch is really nice and lego like! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Dani x

    @Rachel - It really is lovely...however I'm quite surprised as it's Eau de parfum but not that lasting on the skin. Shall have to dab abit of vaseline on first I think to keep the scent around for longer!

    @Roshas - Oh you should next time you go shopping - esp the Insolence has a really rememberable scent to it.

    Fee x

  13. It looks like everyone got scents this Christmas! That watch is lovely! I love Nigella! She's such a pretty woman with great recipes. They're rather easy to follow but are delectable. <3

  14. ill do this tomorrow and post the link to show you :) xx

  15. That watch is amazing Fee! Mine's also Guess - I love their watches :)

    Kaushal xx

  16. Ooh wow, you score very well, you lucky ducky! I should try TM's Eau de Star, I kind of like Angel so perhaps this would be even better :)

  17. Great presents, I love the watch and nail polishes :) xxxx

  18. You got some gorgeous presents! I love your watch and the snood looks really cosy :) x

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