A little Christmas gift at M&S for £3.50!

When I think of Marks and Spencer I think of clothing for the 'older lady', Maple & Pecan Yum Yums and over-priced Per Una makeup. 

However over the last few months I've bought 2 lipsticks, 3 nail polishes, quite afew pastries, some faux fur ankle boots (which I posted about afew days ago), some fair trade cotton wool and a cuddly toy.  
Okay, maybe not the cuddly toy, but I've got so many M&S receipts floating around in my bag that I'm hoping 2011 with be the year they bring out some kind of reward scheme for loyal shoppers like me (that weren't once so loyal) to keep us loyal! 

Anyways...getting a little sidetracked! 

So I went in AGAIN, last week as I hadn't been in since they had made it all Christmassy. I spotted a lovely Per Una cable knit over-sized bag but at £45  I wasn't convinced. I also saw lots of 'Magnolia' 'Woods of the Valley' 'Rose' giftsets and the tiniest mini lipstick set EVER...it looked like it was meant for Barbie.

However I still managed to come out with some Salted Caramel Sauce £2.19 (which has a hint of sea salt in. One word - A-mazing), some more fair trade cotton wool pads £1.23? (as they are the larger size), a new eyeliner in Smoke (as my beloved old one snapped in two) and finally maybe my best purchase of all bar the Caramel Sauce - A mini perfume for the mini price of £3.50.

But what got me was there were so many to pick from (I was actually there sniffing away for over 20 minutes) all with lovely packaging and little ribbons so that you can hang them up once wrapped OR not wrapped... as they all come with 'To & From' gift tags on the back. 

I finally picked the Per Una one as it kind of felt even more of a bargain as the Per Una range is quite pricey and I was also starting with a perfume induced headache. 
There was also a Limited Edition Per Una scent that I was tempted to also get and in sleek black packaging was the M&S Autograph range again £3.50 with one having a lovely Violet scent to it. 
 There also seemed to be a younger looking range with one called Butterfly which smelt of watermelon and cucumber so great for teens.

What I also really liked was you could also buy bigger sizes once you'd tried out the 10ml version. A 25ml purse spray that matched all the mini versions for £6 or a huge 100ml for £12 which came in allot prettier bottles. 

As for the Per Una Spray that I purchased I can't really tell you what it exactly smells of...but I can pick up hints of rose and magnolia now and again. It is a pretty fragrance though.

However I know I will be picking up at least 3 more different scents while they are all on 3 for 2 and giving them as little filler gifts this Christmas! 



  1. I love M&S and I am a huge fan of their cheaper makeup range. I have done a post about their lipstick & Lipsgloss if you fancy taking a peek

    Thanks for this I will be popping in to pick some up as they make lovely stocking fillers :)
    sher x

  2. Great recommendation, I should check out M&S more often.

  3. I love M & S and as a perfume addict I love that they do such small sized perfumes because I never buy big bottles, I would never get through them not to mention the extra space bigger bottles take up and those little bottles are perfect for purses and like you say for trying them out
    nicola x


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