22 March 2010

NOTD - Half Moon Manicure

So I decided to keep on my Wham nail polish that was my NOTD five days ago as I liked it so much and I was being slightly lazy. As you can guess it was chipping at the tips by day five so instead on removing it I decided to give myself a Half Moon Manicure using another Collection 2000 Hot Looks nail polish in the form of 'Wow'.

Overall is was pretty easy to do as I knew my two coats of 'Wham' that I have applied 5 days earlier was 150% dry of course! The end result wasn't too amazing as you can see, however I could see if 'Wham' was the main colour with 'Wow' as the half moon I would look more chic. It kind of seems abit Gaga-esque, like something that would suit the Bad Romance video.

I had to include this picture as I am just fascinated that the palm of my hand can look like the skin on a Sharpei dog, I tried to put my hand in this position again and I just couldn't achieve the amazing wrinkles, thank god.

On a more normal note, the Collection 2000 Hot Looks Wow nail polish was quite tricky to apply, especially when trying to keep it streak-free, it also seemed to show any imperfections in my nails, however it is a fun colour.

I would love to know what you think, are you more Wham than Wow, or Wow than Wham?


Risyaa♥ said...

wow that looks nicee^^

Klaudia ♡☮ said...

Great Nails :) looks very original :D

Eyelining said...

Looks really nice :-) Yo are evidently far more steady handed than I am! x

heartshapedbruise. said...

I LOVE that look! Wish I had a steady enough hand to do things like this, but I'm pretty sure I don't - or the patience!


Skulda said...

You did a great job! I like it.

Pinkhair said...

Wow I am a nail technician and i love what you did with wow and wham...you gave me some ideas for nail art...well done xx

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