ASOS Beauty Box July 2021 Revealed - Only £12


The ASOS July Beauty Box is about to drop any minute (in the next few days at the very least) and as I'm a huge fan of the no-subscription beauty box I thought it would be helpful to share the contents of the upcoming ASOS Summer Essentials Box for July! 

As well as my thoughts of the box and most importantly where you can find it so that you don't miss out. May's beauty box sold out in under 8 minutes after all! 

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ASOS July 2021 Beauty Box has a 'summer essentials' theme and contains 6 products for only £12 (with free next-day delivery if you have Premier Delivery or £4 Standard Delivery). Read on for a full contents reveal along with the direct link.

Last month's ASOS Beauty Box is also not so surprisingly still available due to the increased product price. Instead of the usual 6 products for £12, June's ASOS Beauty Box features 9 products for £20. Although if you are new to ASOS (hint: use an old email address) you can receive 15% off with code ASOSNEWFRIEND when you spend £20. 




1. CeraVe Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Cleanser - Full Size 236ml

(Worth £9.50) 

If you have ever entered Beauty TikTok then I'm sure you will be familiar with this US drugstore cleanser. It's loved by many skincare gurus and more importantly dermatologists. 

The soap-free non-foaming lotion is a good staple for most skincare routines so I'm happy to see it included in this months box, especially as it is full-size and nearly worth the cost of the entire box. 

I've yet to try this specific cleanser but I do own a few CeraVe products both skincare and body care and really do rate the brand! 


2. Tan Luxe Super Glow Hyaluronic Self-Tan Serum - Full Size 10ml 

(Worth £15) 

As this month's ASOS Beauty Box is called the Summer Essentials box it's only right it contains a self-tanning product and thankfully this one is gradual so it will work with a wider range of skin tones.

I'm personally always a little hesitant when it comes to self-tanner facial mists, oils and serums, however I know the self-tanning industry has come on leap and bounds in the last few years so the risk of waking up and seeing the face of an Oompa Loompa staring back at you is unlikely.

Tan Luxe is also a premium brand in the world of self-tan, with this fairly small 10ml bottle costing a surprising 15, although I'm sure a little goes a long way.

An intriguing product and one I think many beauty box customers will be interested in trying out. 

3. Sand & Sky Australian Emu Super Bounce Mask - Sample Size 10ml 

(Worth £8) 

Next, a sample size tube of Sand & Sky's newest face mask. The new bounce mask is said to hydrated the skin, combating fine lines and improving elasticity. And I'm sure if their original face mask is anything to go by, it will smell amazing! 

While the sample size may appear small, it is a 1/3 of the full-size face mask and should give at least a handful of generous applications. 

This seems like it will be a lovely soothing product to use after a day in the sun and I personally can't wait to try it out! 

4. Lancaster Luminious Tan SPF 50 Face Fluid - Sample Size 3ml 

(Worth £1.32)

When working out the worth of this sample size I was tempted to put "not much" in place of the value as this 3ml tube does feel pretty stingy. This is one of my personal bug bears with beauty boxes, a sample this small can't really be classed as a product. 

That aside, this is the next product in the box. It may do two applications at most to see if you like the product. The full-size version comes in at £22 for 50ml and currently doesn't appear to be available at ASOS. 


5. Ciate London Fruit Burst Lip Oil - Sample size 5ml 

(Worth £7)

Onto a lovely product now, a Ciate London Fruit Burst Lip Oil, that although isn't full-size is a half size and still a good amount. I mean when was the last time you finished a lip product that wasn't a lip balm? 

I'm a huge fan of how lip oils feel on the lips and how hydrating they are, so I'm sure this will be a great one. 

The Ciate Fruit Burst Lip Oil range comes with 3 different flavours however I'm unsure if it will be a random choice or a specific flavour - I guess we will find out soon enough. 

A full-on summery beauty product here that I expect to be delicious! 


6. Benefit Professional Super Setter Setting Spray Primer - Sample Size 15ml

(Worth £6) 

Lastly, we have a sample size of the fairly new Benefit Professional Super Setting Spray. I've heard a lot of good things about this primer spray and I think samples like this in beauty boxes are great to try out before buying full-size. 

With a micro-fine mist and a pore-blurring formula this looks like the ideal setting spray for heat wave days and if the ASOS reviews are anything to go by I have a feeling we may all all love it!

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For £12, especially if you have a discount code or free next day delivery with Premier delivery, I'm going to say this month's ASOS Beauty box is worth it! The CeraVe Cleanser and Tan-Luxe Serum alone pay for the box so it is a good deal if you are interest in both products. 

However can I forgive ASOS for including a 3ml sample as a product? Not really! That said, the rest of the products are good and it does have summery vibes to it. 


ASOS have been a bit all over the place when it comes to a fixed monthly launch time and date recently, so it's worth checking the link above to see if it's available yet as it doesn't appear in the 'Beauty' section instantly. However, I will be tweeting when it goes live on Twitter @Makeup_Savvy. But as a heads up it will be in the next week (July 8-15th) and is more likely to be after 5pm (BST).

It's also hard to know how long the beauty box will be around for. May's box sold out in under 8 minutes, while June's box is still available, I'm presuming due to the higher price point. So who is to know! 

I will keep this post updated, along with updates on Twitter & Instagram. 

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