How To Make The Most of Feel Unique's Pick n' Mix Beauty Sample Service + What I Picked Up This Month

If you are a regular reader of Makeup Savvy then you may have read my over excited post towards the end of last year when I first discovered the amazing Feel Unique Pick n' Mix Sample Service. For me discovering a sample service that's actually worth it was a big deal! You basically get to pick 5 free makeup, skincare or fragrance samples and only pay the p&p (£3.95) which you get emailed a voucher for to use against your next Feel Unique delivery cost! Amazing, right?

With literally hundreds of samples to choose from that are ever changing I knew I'd be a regular customer of the service. So today I thought I'd share with you what I selected this time round, plus how to get more than your money's worth... because I think we'd all prefer five generous luxury samples over 5 sachet samples.

Read about the new deluxe Feelunique Beauty Kit sample service for 2020! 

The only draw back of the sample service is that it's only available in the UK, Jersey and Guernsey and the sample selection is limited to one per person, per month. 

How to make the most of Feel Unique's Pick n' Mix sample service

View in website mode over mobile
Sample volume amounts often get cut off in mobile mode and it's important to know the size of your samples. The bigger the better! You can find samples that are 50ml but also ones that are only 1ml. So make sure to browse the samples on the Feel Unique website over the mobile version.

Click through to the product page
Often when you click through to the full-size product you can be surprised to see that the sample is actually a quarter or even half the size of the full product, especially when it comes to makeup samples. Also, you will then know the price, which is important if you are thinking about buying it once you've tried out the sample.

View 'Pot' 'Tube' and 'Other' sample types first 
Of course you many want to try out a few fragrances for example so you would select 'Vial' from the left sidebar. But personally, the best and most generous samples come in pots or tubes so I'd highly recommend checking both categories first, also being aware of volume amounts.

The samples I picked up! 
(you can see what I picked up last time here)

Nude By Nature Translucent Loose Finishing Powder 2g
(other NBN products in stock) 
There is currently a range of Nude By Nature in the Pick n' Mix section of Feel Unique which I'm totally digging. Not only do I rate their products but who can resist a bit of rose gold packaging! Last time I picked up a sample of the cream concealer, which I already own full size, to keep in my handbag for touch-ups. So this time I went with the loose powder as 2g when it comes to powder products is quite a good amount. Really love this sample, especially the miniature packaging and it's just perfect to keep in my bag with a mini kabuki brush in case of any shine throughout the day.

Darphin 8-Flower Nectar Elixir 4ml 
I went for this sample purely because the full size product which is only 15ml costs a staggering £95.00! Making this 4ml sample, from my rough calculation, worth £25?! Crazy, right? Sadly samples are no longer available, but it just shows how good this sample service can be! It really is worth keeping your eyes peeled and checking a few of the high-end brands often. So far I haven't dared use my £25 sample, other than applying a bit to the back of my hand and I can say it smells incredible. I know this will be a total treat for my skin when I try it out!

Burt's Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream 7g
(still available!) 
As a fan of Burt's Bees I thought I'd try out this fairly decent sized hand cream that actually comes in a miniature glass pot! Having smelt the amazing scent many a time whilst shopping I was glad to be finally trying it out. I've personally found it to be too thick however on extra dry hands I'm sure this would be amazing. But all is not lost as I'm now using it as a cuticle cream instead. 

Burt's Bees Cleansing Oil 29ml 
Another good size sample here, from Burt's Bees again. Unfortunately this is no longer available, however you can find two more samples from the brand that look really nice. On first use I was instantly glad I went for this sample as it's such a nice cleansing oil that does the job. I'd be tempted now to buy this full size and once I've used up the sample the miniature bottle with be handy to re-use for travel skincare!

Nars Laguna Bronzing Power 1g
(still available!)
Lastly, I went with a fairly small card sample of Nars Laguna but for virtually free I was more than pleased to pick it up! This will give quite a few application so that I can see if it's worth buying or not. So far I'm impressed with the tone of it and how soft the powder is.

As you can see this is a fab makeup sample service  for the price and something I'd highly recommend trying out.

Who needs monthly beauty boxes when you can pick out your own five samples for only £4!

Fee xo.

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