eBay Bargains #69 - Stationery & Desk Accessories


Watercolour Post-it Notes
99p (4 styles) HERE 
Aren't these just dreamy? Okay, I know they are only post-it's but they are magical watercolour ones and cost only 99p each! All four styles are lovely however the above two have to be my favourites which I've already picked up. 

Muted Pastel Storage Containers 
£2.19 (S,M,L) HERE 
So these containers are supposed to be for food but scrap that, they are too pretty to store away in a cupboard! These would make perfect containers for stationery supplies and pens in my opinion.

2 Year Undated Planner 
£13.26 (4 styles) HERE 
I was on the fence whether to include these due to the price... but I decided to go ahead because I love the design of them so much! These are wonderful compact hardback planners that are totally undated so you can start it whenever you want. Each planner includes 2 pages of a yearly planner, 26 pages of monthly planners, 106 pages of weekly planners and 26 pages of lined pages.

Stone Effect Marble Notepad 
£4.07 (4 styles) HERE 
If you are into stone/marble effect then these notepads are for you! They come in a range of 4 colours which all look incredibly stylish. My favourite has to be the grey/pink combination! LOVE!

Unique Circular Post-it Notes
£4.20 (8 styles) HERE Planet style 99p (4 styles) HERE 
I know, I know, the most ridiculously priced post-it notes ever! However for some reason I can't find them any cheaper on eBay, but knowing eBay listings these are still worth 'watching' as they will most likely come down in price. But you can find equally pretty planet design post-it's for only 99p at least. 

Patterned Writing Paper Set
£3.49 (6 styles) HERE   
If you are into writing handwritten letters then these gorgeous patterned writing sets may interest you. They come in so many lovely designs and include 4 sheets of paper and two envelopes per set.

Cute Cactus Gel Pen 
2 for 99p HERE or 12 for £3.79 HERE
Another random non-needed purchase here! I mean for 99p how could I refuse?! Not much to say about these other than they are are cactus pens and look amazing and ridiculous all at the same time! Also for some reason you can buy 12 for a ridiculously cheap price.... though I only bought 2. 

Cute Ice Cream Gel Pen 
1 for 99p HERE   
Keeping with novelty pens I couldn't resist including these super adorable ice-cream pens that for some strange reason I'm really impressed with - I think it's the pretty syrup effect! Although I definitely don't need anymore novelty pens I will had to get one of these. I also came across some lovely feather style pens here that you may like, again only 99p! 

Hope you've found some new stationery bits here! 

Fee xo.

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