What's On My Christmas List 2019

It's that time of year again! Well actually I'm a little late with writing my Christmas list this year as I simply didn't know what I wanted - I blame getting older!

But thankfully I had a good think and realised there's actually quite a bit I would be very grateful to unwrap come Christmas Day. While this isn't a gift guide it may give you ideas what to ask for or even what to earmark for when the Boxing Day sales land - let's face it all mentioned products will plummet in price on December 26th!

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LED Rechargeable Vanity Mirror 
Recently I stayed in a nice hotel that had a mains powered light-up vanity mirror in the bathroom and I was amazed at how much better I applied my makeup when my face was visible lit up - it made such a difference. So I've decided I need a less swanky regardable LED vanity mirror for my dressing table that has both white and warm light settings.

I did spot a pretty perfect looking LED makeup mirror in Aldi (see it in my Aldi Christmas Beauty Gift Guide post) for only £12.99 so I'm tempted to steer my boyfriend in the direction of that one as it ticks all boxes and is such a bargain.

Space Masks Self-Heating Eye Masks (£15) 
Ever wanted a product because you love the owner of the brand? This has happened to me over the past few months with Space Masks. Yes, I liked the look of them and had them marked as a product to try out in the near future but it wasn't until I started watching Harriet's Instagram Stories (the creator) on the official Space Mask Instagram that they got bumped up to the top of my to-try list. 

While Harriet does promote her Space Masks her IG stories are mainly vlogs-style clips of her everyday life which is highly entertaining to watch due to her personality. I'm also eager to try out Space Masks as I was told I had severe dry eyes on my last eye test so these may definitely help.

Emma Bridgewater Winter Animals Medium Tin (£8.50)
Christmas is a time to ask for random gifts you want but wouldn't necessarily pick up. Hence why this ultra lovely Emma Bridgewater tin is on my list as it would make the most adorable biscuit tin. I simply love the entire EB Winter Animals range, especially this tin as it really shows off the beautiful animal illustrations and I just don't think I've seen a prettier biscuit tin.

Thierry Mugler Alien Perfume (from £45) 
Each Christmas I love to receive a new fragrance. I say 'new' but it's generally a scent I already adore but have run out of. This year I've asked Santa for Thierry Mugler Alien as it's one of my favourite all-year-round fragrances that smells so good! I'd also be pretty pleased with anything from Vikor and Rolf, either Bonbom or Flowerbomb!

With quite a lot of different perfumes in my collection I now ask for just a 30ml size however in recent years gift sets have got much better, for example, a lot of Guarlian and YSL fragrance sets are paired with makeup or a cosmetics pouch which is really nice.

Silk Hair Ties 
Over the past few months, I've discovered the power of silk products with a beautifully soft pillowcase and eye mask. So soft and great for both the skin and hair! So I've included silk hair ties on my Christmas List. However, as they are steep in price I went on the hunt and found a much more affordable alternative with this Sweet Dreams Scrunchie Set from Urban Outfitters (£7 - on sale) which aren't made from silk but look pretty silky soft to me.

Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Hair Masque (£21.30 for 236ml) 
For the past year or so I've tried out many different hair masks and discovered some pretty great ones (I can't get enough of the Coco & Eve Virgin Hair Masque) however the hair mask I haven't owned in forever but is truly the best I've ever tried is this one! So this year it's firmly on my Christmas list!

Anything from Lush 
Christmas wouldn't feel like Christmas to me without new Lush products to try out come Boxing Day. I don't treat myself to Lush products that often, however, I can't get enough of their shower gels, body conditioners and limited edition ranges. This year I'm hoping for quite a few festive lush products especially anything in the Snow Fairy and Yog Nog scents.

Other bits and bobs on my Christmas list this year include some new pyjamas and slippers from Primark, a pile of new books to get through over winter and of course chocolate - anything Lindt Lindor and Guylian Seashells, mmm, so good!

Do you write a Christmas List? If so, I'd love to know what is on the top of your list this year.

Fee xo.
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